Drink Till You Choke - SansandPapyrus7424 (2024)

Chapter 1

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“Good boy~ this deep and no teeth? You’re getting better, my little fawn~ just a little bit more, that’s it~”

Alastor chokes, tears coming to his eyes as Vox buries himself in his throat, and trembling like a newborn deer. Despite this, his tail is pointing straight up, and twitching in pleasure as Vox sends small, arousing shocks down his spine, his body reacting against his will by growing hard, and slick. He doesn’t know why his ass gets slick, as Vox has said it’s a rare trait, but he doesn’t complain. After all, both Vox and Valentino are quite large, and he’s thankful for any lessening of the pain.

As his nose meets Vox’s stomach, the other groans, stroking his ears tenderly as he cries on his co*ck, begging for a reprieve he knows he won’t get. Ignoring his own instincts, he nips the offensive organ, Vox cursing and backing out of his mouth, only to slap him a second later. His hapephobia pipes up, and his trembles get worse as he brings a hand to the painful bruising.

”You little bitch, I said NO TEETH. Do I need to get your mouth-guards again, baby?”

Alastor shakes his head, remembering the harsh plastic pressing his teeth to stay blunt and out of the way, his lips forced to move outward by the sheer thickness of the material. Vox had called it hot before he started f*cking into him. He felt he looked disgusting.

”ANSWER ME, whor*.”

Alastor shakes his head, opening his mouth unwillingly as Vox smiles, and digs two fingers into his gag reflex. Resisting the urge to puke on the other’s fingers, Alastor offers a weak whimper, his phobia now screaming at him alongside his instincts to run. Since he’s been with Vox, he’s been getting closer and closer to his natural habits, and he hates himself for how animalistic he must seem.

”Good boy. Now, make me cum, and I’ll let you go play with Angel, okay?”

Alastor nods, forcing his fear down and licking the shaft in front of him, suppressing the disgust threatening to show through his mask. Recently, Valentino had introduced him to someone called Angel Dust, and they’d been getting along, both knowing how the other felt. Occasionally, on bad days such as this one, Angel would even let him nibble on his neck, taking the blood almost as a drug he could never get enough of.

Finding himself at the base of Vox’s dick, he forces himself to move upon it, gagging violently and whimpering, causing Vox to groan, and take his hair in his hands, thrusting his mouth onto him with a desperation he’d never seen. Coughing and retching, Alastor has no choice but to take the rough treatment, trembles returning as he fights the urge to bite down.

”Ohh, f*ck yes! Take it, bitch, take it like the whor* you are, Alastor!”

Choking on the salty, bitter torrent of cum, Alastor desperately tries to hit Vox’s legs to get him to let up, only to barely tap him as he begins to lose breath. Just as he’s about to pass out, Vox pulls out, the last few strands hitting his face indecently and forcing him to finally throw up. Vox recoils in disgust, kicking his own, soft genitals harshly and making him cry out, hair sticking into the vomit as he falls due to the strength.

”You disgusting whor*. Looks like I’m sending you back to Valentino to be trained again. Oh, you don’t like that? Should’ve thought of that before you decided to f*cking puke on MY FLOOR. Get out, Alastor, and clean yourself up. You have a f*cking threesome with Angel in three hours.”

Alastor nods, thanking Vox for the ‘good time’ before shutting the door quietly, and finding his way to the showers, zoning out as he strips himself of his clothes. Trembling, he focuses on taking a deep, shuddering breath as he drinks from the head he stands under, and carefully washes himself, throwing up a thin bile once more and curling his hands into fists. If he hadn’t been so co*cky, he wouldn’t be here right now. He shouldn’t have fought Vox. Vox shouldn’t have won.

Stepping out of the gentle rain, he dries his hair, making sure to get his tail too, and finds a fresh suit, and Angel standing outside. Smiling at the other, Alastor dresses once more, nuzzling into the soft fabric as Angel wraps a pair of his arms around him, offering his neck in understanding and comfort. He tries not to make the bite hurt, but Angel still hisses above him, still moans in pleasure and pain as he laps up the blood spilling from the wound, and when he wraps a choker around the small cut, Angel still whines.

”I’m sorry, Angel…I-i really don’t meant to make it hurt…”

Angel grins at him, eyes soft, and caring. Alastor lets him hold him close, nipping at his own neck and introducing his venom, numbing the pain, the terror, the burning in his throat, everything.

”Ready to film, Al?”

Drowning in the haze, Alastor nods.

Chapter 2

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Alastor stumbles to Valentino, still hazed by the venom Angel had helped him receive. Valentino hits him hard, sending him to the floor within half a second as he cries out weakly, throat still slightly hoarse from the awful torture of taking Vox all the way down his throat. Valentino’s heel finds his chest, bruising the area quickly as he tries to pull himself together enough to ‘ask for forgiveness’, which involves feeling the other’s tongue brutalising the other’s throat. If only he’d move his heel…

”What the f*ck did you take, whor*. ANSWER ME.”

Alastor’s addled mind forces him to shake his head, not wanting to put Angel in danger, and Valentino laughs.

”Ohh, I get it! You’re being a brat again, aren’t you? Zoning out, barely moaning when someone thrusts into you…Vox had said you needed more training. Angel, bring me his collar.”

Angel hesitates, standing from a fresh load being forced into his throat, and strokes Valentino’s fur, smiling at him as cum drips down his chin. He wasn’t told to swallow after all…the look in his eyes begs for his mercy, one of his gloved hands sneaking down to palm Valentino’s crotch, his eyes now lidded as if to scream ‘f*ck me’.

At the glare the moth gives him, though, Angel nods, kissing the pimp gently on the cheek and walking away to get the harsh, leather object.

When he’d first been forced to become a harlot, Vox had forced him to wear the shock collar for a year, possibly more, and with it tracking his every move, it helped to force him to submit. It didn’t mean he couldn’t find ways around it, though. Yes, Mr Vox, I want to be f*cked (no I don’t) Yes, Mr Vox, I love being in your presence (go f*ck youself) . No Mr Vox, it doesn’t hurt (it burns, itburnsitburnsitburnsitburns).

”Here we go! Show me that pretty neck, baby~”

Alastor whimpers, trembling under the offensive shoe pinning him to the floor, and looking to Angel with tears in his eyes. His mind is whirring with things that can’t be true, saying Angel betrayed him, that he wants this to happen, that-oh god, the bite. sh*t, sh*t, sh*t…attempting to lift his arms to cover himself, he shoots Valentino a doe-eyed gaze, trying desperately to convince him not to put it on.

”Don’t f*ck WITH ME, whor*!! ANGEL. Tip his head back. NOW.”

Angel, helpless, complies, tipping his chin to face him.

”You still have some cum in your mouth baby?”

Angel nods, and at Val’s nod, gives Alastor a pitying look, and presses his mouth against his. The collar clips on, Valentino thankfully not noticing (or caring about) the bite, and he’s shocked violently, Valentino’s thumb holding the button as he convulses under Angel’s cum-filled, sloppy kisses. Knowing what Valentino wants, he kisses the other back, reluctantly licking up the cum being dripped into his mouth, and the shocks stop just as he’s about to bite their tongues.

”Good boy, Alastor. Now, when I take my boot off you, you’re going to get back on that bed and you and Angel are gonna give me a good show, understand?”

Swallowing the awful fluid, Alastor nods, and he’s released, Angel’s right arms wrapped around his shaking body as if to tell him he understands, and that he’s sorry. In return, Alastor shakily takes his hand, offering a half-smile to the spider as he’s led to the bed, and his wrists are tied expertly. He knows what the spider is trying to say.

Don’t run, or you’ll make it worse.

Angel’s mouth meets his once more, his sweet taste under the harsh, salty taste of cum, and he feels himself wanting to find it amidst the awful circ*mstances. A small, threatening shock comes to him, and he takes a deep breath, silently bringing a hand to the other’s crotch and running his fingers over his co*ck, drawing gentle patterns upon it and receiving soft moans into the deep kiss, fangs brushing against his sharpened teeth as if a warning. Alastor gives a small cry of pleasure, just to appease Val.

Rewardingly, he feels Angel bite his tongue, the rush of venom and blood making him tremble in anticipation as Angel pulls him onto his side, palming his own crotch. Whining, Alastor lets Angel lick over his neck, knowing he’s safe despite his body’s harsh trembles, and his mind begging for it to stop.

”Hm, getting hard, my little doe~? Good boy…that’s it, good boy~”

Alastor winces, trying to hold back the tears welling up as another shock comes from the collar, this time stronger, and more insistent. Angel sees his pain, and tugs his lingerie down, having been forced to wear the bright blue panties by Vox, as if he wasn’t humiliated enough by having to commit these awful acts. Valentino had taken his trousers as soon as he entered, not that he could remember, or really care in the moment.

”Alastor, I want you to top this time. Suck Angel off, okay baby~?”

Angel nods for him, pulling his own, tiny skirt down, and lying back, allowing Alastor access with silent concern and unease. Alastor takes one look, his face heated from the soft touches and overstimulation, and starts sobbing, unable to control himself as he tries to desperately hide his ugly, tearstained face as a powerful shock runs through him, and one of Valentino’s hands forces him down onto Angel’s co*ck.

Chapter 3


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Alastor chokes on a sob that he knows will earn him another shock as Angel kisses him gently, whispering that he’s being good even if he’s getting tired too, this being the fourth org*sm of his, and Alastor hasn’t even gotten hard once. Crying out as another, brutal thrust comes to his dick, Alastor lets a few tears slip, Angel’s co*ck deep in his ass as Valentino f*cks his throat with two of his clawed fingers.

”Aww, the little bitch is crying! Adorable, you haven’t even cum and you’re already f*cking crying…if anything, Angel should be crying! He looks so tired, aren’t you tired, baby?”

Alastor struggles to calm himself as Angel takes the opportunity to stop torturing him, nodding as he pulls his blood-slick dick from Alastor’s torn ass and standing on shaky, org*sm-weak legs. Valentino holds out an arm to him, smoking and puffing the smoke into Angel’s mouth, the other moaning as he takes shaky gasps in order to keep Valentino entertained.

”You’re a good boy, AngelCakes. If only Ally could learn from you, can’t even get hard, poor thing. Why don’t you give him some more venom, baby?”

His tone is passively aggressive, and Alastor feels fresh tears well up as Angel stands, kissing Valentino in a feverish attempt to not force Alastor to overdose. His venom is strong, Alastor has learned that firsthand, and Angel doesn’t want to see the other convulse as his ‘life’ is forced away from him in a deadly lock of too much sh*t in his veins.

”Don’t you try and get him outta it, bitch. You were the one who made him so spaced out, weren’t you? ANSWER ME.”

Before Angel can reply, Alastor stands up, stumbling toward Valentino quickly and collapsing into his arms, latching onto him as if a lifeline and physically blocking him from Angel just as he’s about to hit him. Valentino’s arm comes down, petting his hair gently as he holds onto him tighter than anyone ever before, trying to use it to distract himself from his revulsion at the prospect of even putting himself near the moth.

”P-please, master, I made him, I-i need…I need his blood, and he needs to rid himself of his venom, it’s m-my fault, punish me…it’s not Angel’s fault…”

Valentino pets him once more, then pulls him off of his chest, laughing as he whines and rambles pathetically. Angel looks on, terrified, tensed to defend the deer from a hit, but Valentino seems intent on watching the deer collapse, falling to his knees and begging for Valentino to spare Angel.

”Grown fond of a harlot, have you, Alastor? And I thought you’d ‘never stoop to my level’. Didn’t those words come out of your mouth, hm, I don’t know, a year ago? About how long you’ve been here. Doesn’t that feel weird? To know you’ve had so much time here you act like the very thing you despised…”

Alastor looks down at his knees, tears gathering at the corners of his eyes as Valentino finally steps away, kissing Angel one last time before closing the door, throwing a ‘clean yourselves up’ over his shoulder. Knowing it means his shift is done, Alastor finally breaks down, sobbing quietly as he throws the sullied blanket over himself in a frantic bid to hide himself from Angel. He’s sure he’s angry now, livid that he’d say such things, but he can’t bring himself to say anything through the small moment he gets to cry.

”Al, it’s okay…I don’t hold what you said against you, not ever. You were in a different state of mind, ya didn’t understand because you never let yourself. Calm down, shh…it’s okay…”

Alastor finds himself nuzzling into the touch, desperate for something that isn’t overstimulating or painful, and Angel lets a small laugh, sitting beside him, and carefully stroking his ears, muttering about their silkiness under his breath and smiling as his tail half-heartedly shifts, twitching happily at the safety.

“Aww, you’re too cute, Al…makes me wish I got the tail and the ears, maybe Val would be nicer if-“

Angel cuts himself off, but it’s too late. Memories flash in Alastor’s mind, of Vox tugging at his ears, ripping off the velvet on his antlers that winter despite it not being ready to shed and making him bleed over and over again as he wailed around his co*ck or some sort of sex toy gag. Angel is speaking, but he can’t hear him through the haze of panic, breathing quick, and shallow. Recoiling as someone’s arm comes around him, he kicks out, his hooves meeting flesh as Angel cries out, something dripping blood as he curses.

sh*t. He’s hurt Valentino’s favourite, and now he’s going to pay for it.

Overwhelmed, Alastor faints.


Your Alastor has fainted.

Chapter 4

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Angel powders another tonne of foundation on the small cut above his lip, the lipstick already stinging the wound and making it bleed more, staining his white fur a reddish-pink. f*ck, f*ck, f*ck…he should have known better than to mention Alastor’s deer features, he’d seen Val jerk off to him being tortured by Vox with them, after all, having been made to recreate the scene with Val by him sewing the features on instead wasn't fun.

Putting on another coating, he hears Val coming down the stairs, and packs everything away, just as Valentino comes in with a small puff of smoke around his fur. In greeting, Angel stands, hands coyly around his sore, soft genitals as Valentino comes closer, tipping his chin up to gently bite his neck. Moaning, Angel wraps his lower arms around Val, and using his others to palm his crotch, feeling the tent and knowing it’s going to be a long night.

”You’re such a good boy, Angel…can you do a favour for Daddy?”

Angel nods, and Valentino brings out a needle. Whining, Angel’s eyes widen, tears pricking the corners as he immediately shakes his head, trying to withdraw his consent to no avail. When you say yes to Valentino, you’ve said yes. No take backs.

”Shh, shh, baby, it’s just a little prick on the roof of your mouth. You don’t want to know what Vox is doing to his little pet right now, so count yourself lucky. Wanna know what I’m doing, AngelCakes?”

Angel nods, crying out as the needle slips in, and Valentino attaches a small tube leading to a beaker. Eyes wide, he understands what Val is doing, and weakly brings his hands to his face, shaking his head as Valentino adjusts it before pulling out a second, and putting it…into his venom glands.

”You’re doing so well for Daddy, just sit still, and let it happen, okay? We’re making a new Love Potion, you see, and after seeing what you did to Ally? I wanted to test it.”

Angel sobs as his venom is drained, agony coursing through him and meeting in an ugly shock where the needles pierce the roof of his mouth. Even when he feels like he’s empty, it keeps going, and he screams, being held to the chair by Valentino to stop him from pulling out the needles as the last few drops travel into the tube.

“There’s my good boy~ wow, such a small thing, how the f*ck do you keep all this in you?”

Angel shakes, but he smiles, tears running down his face and smudging his makeup. Valentino pauses, studying his face, then his smile fades, and Angel knows he’s f*cked up. What did he do wrong? Why is Val angry? His thoughts race as Valentino comes closer, tipping his chin up, and running a finger over his top lip, making him wince.

”Who did this, baby? I know you’re not stupid enough to sabotage yourself, not after isolation, and I was careful with those f*cking needles…did Ally do this to you? Tell me, baby, Daddy’s not angry with you…”

Feozen, Angel can only nod, knowing if he lies they’ll get in deeper sh*t. Valentino’s teeth grit, and he stands, placing a small kiss on his cheek before tenderly putting a small plaster onto his scratch, and telling him to rest, taking his venom and closing the door. Angel curls up, holding his mouth and weeping quietly, hoping Valentino and Vox have mercy on Alastor, and cursing himself for being so stupid to admit it was the traumatised deer.



Alastor complies, having been dragged from Val’s studio, and seeing the silver of several sharp appliances, looking up at Vox pleadingly. Vox only laughs, and the arms of the chair he’s sat on bring metal cuffs to his wrists, the same wrapping around his ankles and securing him so he can’t do anything against the Media Demon. Terrified, Alastor can only watch as Vox picks up a small, serrated scalpel, the slight glow telling him it’s angel steel.

”You’ve been being a bad little slu*t lately. Getting back into old habits? I don’t f*cking think so. I have been nice, I took the collar off, the muzzle, hell, I’ve even let you make a friend! But…you just don’t want to submit, do you? The ever proud Radio Demon. Even as low as you are you can’t submit to me…pathetic.”

The blade runs across his face, not drawing blood yet, but the threat is obvious. Alastor cringes away, gritting his teeth as he tries to stay quiet, and get away from the pain he’s going to go through. Vox glares at him, the blade pressed a bit firmer against his cheek, then taken away entirely, swapped for some pliers.

”I didn’t want to do this first, but since you love gritting them at me, you’re going to f*cking suffer. Open wide, Al~!”

Closing his mouth, Alastor shakes his head, but Vox pinches his nose, cutting off his air and using another cable to pry his teeth apart, making him gasp for air and forcing him to keep his mouth open around the wire. Biting the plastic, Alastor shakes his head wildly as Vox slowly locks the pliers around one of his teeth, and just as he’s about to pull, his door opens, revealing Valentino.

”Oh, Val, I was just about to get down to business. You okay? You seem upset, did Angel f*ck up again?”

In answer, Valentino yanks his ear, Alastor screeching and struggling against the hold.

”Val, what the f*ck?! What are you doing, what-“

”Your little slu*t hurt Angel.”

Chapter 5


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Chapter Text

Vox sparks, his screen glitching as Alastor closes his eyes tightly, tears streaming down his face as he desperately gasps in pain, Valentino’s claws digging into his ear and probably making a hole. Vox takes Valentino’s phone, and when he sees the cut, his eyes narrow, and he tips Alastor’s face toward him, and quickly yanks the tooth from his face. Alastor screams, hands fighting the restraints desperately as pain builds and builds, the two above him towering as he battles between the fear and the agony.

”What the f*ck, Alastor?! You have been here for long enough to know to PLAY NICE. So tell me, what the f*ck IS WRONG WITH YOU?! I HAVE BEEN PUTTING UP WITH YOUR BULLsh*t FOR SO LONG, AND YOURE CHOOSING TO BE THE MOST DIFFICULT f*ckER!! ANSWER ME, YOU BASTARD!!”

Anger courses through him, and he spits at Vox’s shoes, the liquid red with his blood. In return, Valentino lets go of his ear, instead ripping a small chunk of hair from him, and making him yell and writhe against the cuffs. Vox hits him hard, his hand forming a large, red area on his cheek, and Valentino steps in front of him, taking one of the knives on the table as a threat.

”Like he said. Explain why you hurt my little pet.”

Alastor gasps for breath, fight leaving him as Valentino’s knife comes to his throat, and he tenses against the blade, hyper aware of its promise to cause pain, and scars.

”I-I didn’t mean t-to…I-I’m sorry, please, p-please don’t…I-i don’t want to die…I-I’d leave him alone…w-with you…”

Crying out as Valentino kicks between his legs, Alastor sobs, not daring to speak further.

”That’s not what I asked, whor*. Why. Did. You. Hit. Angel.”

Feeling blood bead against the blade, Alastor stops breathing, knowing he’ll press it deeper against him.

”H-he got t-too close…I-i kicked out, I-i didn’t mean t-to hurt him, h-he’s my…h-he’s my friend…”

Valentino laughs, stroking his hair roughly and making him tense in readiness for more to be ripped out. When no pain comes, he relaxes, knowing he’s f*cked up, and nuzzles against Valentino’s strokes.

”Such a needy attention whor*, aren’t you? Gonna be good for Papí? And Voxxy?”

Alastor nods half-heartedly, and the chair lets him go. Immediately, he attempts to cover his mouth, stopping it from further harm, but Valentino takes his hands, putting them into leather mittens, and securing them with handcuffs, making sure the ends are pinned by the tight bands of steel. At least they have a long chain…

Forced onto his knees, Alastor crawls to Vox as best he can, offering himself so Angel doesn’t get into any more trouble than he likely is. Whining as a muzzle is brought out, he shrinks backwards, his back meeting Valentino’s legs as he shakes his head, hands over his mouth.

”Open up, Alastor. You’re going to learn not to bite, and you’re going to have the socks back on, too. Resist any more, and you’ll see what f*cking happens.”

Shaking, Alastor opens his mouth, wincing as a plastic bit presses his tongue down, and something is shoved into the hole that once held his tooth, some sort of plastic pressing against the front of his teeth. As Valentino clips the back into the muzzle, Vox brings out the ‘socks’, them being metal shoes covered in itchy wool both inside and out, so they could be heated to cause pain, but not harm, causing irritation with the itchiness of the wool. He’d worn them for nearly as long as the collar, and he’d hated every second of it.

”There we go…good boy, Alastor. You’re sleeping alone tonight. Go near Angel, and you’ll be isolated for two weeks. Don’t test us today, Al.”

Nodding, Alastor lets Vox kiss his forehead with a grin, Valentino squeezing his soft co*ck far too hard before taking him to his room, tucking him into his bed with a sickly sweetness that makes Alastor want to throw up, not helped by the plastic tickling his gag reflex.

”For some homework, I want you to jerk off tonight. You bring me cum, or I’ll make sure you wear that sh*t for a DECADE. Understand? Get some rest, Ally~ oh, and look at the mirror, once you’re up. I bet you’ll love it.”

With that, Alastor is left alone, his door shut and locked by Valentino, and the red light of the camera blinking as he tries to get himself hard, the mittens making it nearly impossible as the only thing he can move is his thumb.


By the way, if the description of the items confused you, I drew this AU of Alastor, the link to the art is here https://www.deviantart.com/sansandpapyrus7424/art/1057483006

Chapter 6


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Chapter Text

“Good morning, AngelCakes!”

Angel wakes up slowly, blinking the sleep out of his eyes and smiling as he sees Valentino, as a lowly slu*t should, as he’s been told numerous times. When he sees Alastor isn’t in his bed, he looks to Valentino in confusion, but he only strokes his hair, grinning down at him as he kisses his forehead gently.

”U-um, Val, h-he…y-yesterday wasn’t his fault, I-i triggered it…w-where is he?”

Valentino’s grin widens, and he picks up the spider, stroking under his chin as if he’s a cat.

”Don’t worry, baby, we’re going to visit him now. You get an hour with that bastard, he shouldn’t have hurt you, baby. He’s going to be sorry, though.”

Angel’s eyes widen, and he clutches Valentino’s shoulders as the door shuts behind him, panic making a shiver run down his spine. sh*t…he’s made everything worse, just as he always does, just as he always will. Valentino shushes him, tutting at his fear and kissing him passionately, slipping his tongue inside his mouth and making sure he chokes before letting him go. The suffocation grounds him, and he forces himself to calm down.

”Okay, just wait out here for a minute, okay baby?”

Angel nods, seeing the familiar door and knowing Alastor is likely in the ‘socks’ again. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he watches Valentino as he steps inside, and slams the door behind him, hoping Alastor hasn’t been too hurt because of him.

“Morning, whor*. Get up, I wanna see.”

Alastor wakes with a jolt as Valentino comes in, the ‘socks’ sticking to him with sweat and a fresh, tiny amount of cum. He’d managed to coax something out of himself, and he’s hoping it’s enough to gain reprieve from isolation, and maybe, the muzzle, the plastic in front of his teeth damp with condensation from his breath.

He knows the socks aren’t coming off for a long time, replacing his trousers indefinitely, and only just hiding his degrading undergarments with the help of his other clothing. Obediently, Alastor stands, waiting patiently for a yell, or the patronising, sickly sweet tone telling him he’s a ‘good boy’.

”Where the f*ck is it? I don’t like games, Ally.”

Panicked, Alastor lifts up the suit jacket Vox had given him after he’d taken him to the base the first time, and shows off the pathetic org*sm’s product. Valentino laughs, running a finger over the cum, and smearing it over the muzzle in a heart shape. Alastor lets it happen, too afraid to object in case anything else from his time as a rebellious prisoner returns. There was still the blinders, reigns, and other objects he hadn’t been able to decipher, after all…

”That’s f*cking hilarious, Al. Seriously, that’s so adorable! Your little dick couldn’t even manage one full rope? Pathetic. Well, I did say show me cum, didn’t I…sh*tbag, don’t think you get to do this every time, I’ll be expecting a full load next time! Angel, come in, baby, it’s okay.”

The door opens, and Alastor’s eyes light up as he sees Angel is unharmed, the cut Alastor had created plastered, and his body perfectly intact, not even stumbling as he quickly comes to his side, wrapping his arms around him and sobbing into his shoulder. Valentino smirks at him, and he shoots him a pleading look, rewarded by the door shutting and leaving them in darkness.

”Al, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know, I-i didn’t mean to, I’m so sorry…sh*t, I-i just made everything worse, now you’re gonna have to wear that sh*t for who the f*ck knows how long, and…a-and it’s my fault…I-it’s all my fault…”

Alastor pats the other’s back, closing his eyes and resting his head against the other’s shoulder. Angel hesitantly pulls him to his chest, letting him rest his head against the fluff and tell him silently that it’s okay. That he’s forgiven. That it’s not his fault Vox and Valentino are dickhe*ds.

”Y-you can’t talk right now, can you? O-or…move your mouth?”

Alastor nods against his chest, his ears pinned back againt his hair and tears threatening to spill. His mouth has been pulled up into a forced, too-wide smile by the pins inside, just hidden beside what seems to be some sort of window, and it hurts, combined with being out of practise holding one for so long, making him hate it almost as much as the socks.

”Do…do you know what they did to your mouth?”

Taken aback, Alastor shakes his head, and Angel takes out a compact, the mirror inside small, but enough to look at his reflection. His mouth is caught in a different muzzle, one that lets him see his teeth as he predicted, though a window, and that’s had a small, deer like nose painted on it hastily, almost as if Vox wasn’t prepared to use it. That’s not what makes him tremble in fear, however, nor that makes him aware of just how insane the Vees are.

Its the silver tooth glinting among the gold.


Just going to let you know, the next chapter is INTENSE. Warnings for somniphillia, degradation, rape, and discussions of past rape. I will be leaving a summary at the end, I just wanted to let you know in case this is triggering. Seriously, do not read it if it is triggering.

Chapter 7


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Chapter Text

”Son of a bitch, isn’t he…sorry he’s damaged Angel, Val, I know you make a lot off him.”

Vox sips a fancy ass drink Kitty had made as Valentino smiles, watching the footage from the night before with a sickening laugh as Alastor cries and moans, unable to cum despite the looming deadline. As his movements get more frantic, Valentino’s eyes glow brighter, and he beckons Vox over.

”Look at his whor* face, just as he’s about to cum! You should have seen how pathetic the amount was, Voxxy, it was barely enough to even pick up!”

Vox smiles at Val, watching Alastor struggle as he bucks into his hand dry, sobbing weakly as Val’s footsteps echo just outside his door, and finally gathering enough fear and stimulation to spit out a pathetic little spurt of cum, just as the other comes through the door. The relief on his face is priceless…and the way the silver glints is beautifully contrasting the blue of the suit he’d asked Velvette for is just about enough to make him want to bend over the deer and f*ck him senseless.


He can.

A smirk of his own comes to his face as he stands, telling Valentino hell be a bit before shutting the door, and all but running to the isolated room. He’s so hard it’s hurting even though it’s only been a minute, and he knocks on the door, excitement coursing thrown his veins as…Angel Dust comes to the door, a lewd expression on his face as he looks up to see Valentino only to freeze as he sees Vox, with an obvious tent in his pants. Anger replaces the excitement momentarily, and he shoves the other backwards.

”What are you doing in here? I told him he wasn’t allowed to see you.”

Angel’s eyes are wide, cautious as he backs away, arms spread to protect Alastor, lying motionless on the bed, probably f*cking crying himself to sleep again like he had when he had first f*cked him. Back then, it was easy to coax an org*sm from the other. Now, he could barely manage a tiny little spurt, but it made him more f*cked up than ever.

”Move, whor*bug. Don’t make me tell Valentino you’re being a bad little slu*t, and get you banned for longer.”


Angel nods, tears in his eyes as he bends down to give the sleeping deer a small kiss on the cheek, and shuts the door behind him, footsteps fading as Vox rakes over the incapacitated demon. He looks adorable in his sleep…pulling up the jacket, he reaches into the blue panties, stroking Alastor’s co*ck gently, feeling it perk up in interest in his sleep, and laughing softly as Alastor’s face pinches in fear.

“Even while you’re asleep you know who owns you…good slu*t, that’s it, cum for me~”

Alastor doesn’t, however, tears running down his face as he remains semi-hard, having been knocked out by stress once more. Vox smirks, flipping the sinner onto his stomach as he rips away the teasingly thin lingerie and tracing the small, tight hole hiding behind barely-there asscheeks as. The delicious whimper that comes as he slips a finger into his slick entrance makes a groan of his own come from his throat as he works Alastor open.

”f*ck, you look so good stretched around me, Alastor…f*ck it, you’re driving me insane…this is your own fault, little slu*t.”

Vox pushes into Alastor quickly, ignoring the ruby eyes fluttering open, nor the screams of terror and revulsion that echo through the room. From the pink tint to the light of the camera, he knows Val is watching, and takes a rough thrust to prove he knows he’s there. Alastor’s gloved hands push against the bed, the shackles preventing him from fighting him properly, and he screeches at the rough thrust, begging for reprieve through the muzzle as he wails in agony. The cries only make him hotter, and he grips his hips tightly.

”Yeah, you like that slu*t?”

”Naaaa!! P-peazzz, stahp!!”

Vox doesn’t listen, licking along Alastor’s neck by folding back his collar, and biting down, sending shocks of electricity through him and making him scream louder and more erotically than before. Growling, Vox finally finishes in the other, a shuddering moan of agony all that comes from the other as he pulls out, wiping his head on Alastor’s tail as a final farewell, and leaving his sign of ownership around the deer’s ankles.

”You gonna be good from now on? Want me to keep coming to you in your sleep?”

Alastor shakes his head, trembling behind him as he whines around the muzzle, begging with sweet little sounds to be released. Vox strokes his ears, sitting beside him and basking in the afterglow of his heinous act. Despite feeling like sh*t in the aftermath, he can’t help but have a little excitement at actually doing it, and he also knows he’s never going to delete the footage of his sweet little cries. For now, however, he needs to make sure Alastor knows he’s in charge.

”No? Then be a good boy, and tonight, cum properly. If not, I’ll make sure next time is worse. Understood?”


Alastor nods, frantic in twisting himself onto his back as Vox tucks his shirt, and gets himself presentable, before slamming the door, making Alastor jump once more. As soon as he’s gone, Angel pulls himself out from behind the plant he’d hidden behind, and approaches carefully, letting Alastor push himself into his lap, silent with shock, and utter a single question, muffled by the large plastic bit as Angel pulls up the small piece of protection he has, wincing at the flinch he gets as Alastor goes ominously still, two muffled words slipping from the tight, leather muzzle.

”W-way uth…”


*Alastor says ‘why us’, by the way.

Summary: Vox gets aroused by watching Alastor trying to get himself to cum, and rapes him, first while he’s asleep, then when he wakes up. After finishing with him, he threatens Alastor with making it a permanent thing, and forces him to agree to getting a full load out of himself. After everything is done, Angel comes in to comfort him, and he questions why it’s them who belong to the Vees.

Chapter 8

Chapter Text

“Feelin’ a bit better?”

Alastor nods, buried once more in Angel’s fluff as he strokes his hair, taken from the catatonic state he usually took when something so horrific happened his mind forced itself to shut down. Smiling, Angel brings out a small package, handing it to Alastor and waiting for his reaction as he accepts it weakly, having been only given Angel’s blood and patron’s cum with the occasional ‘treat’ of some poor soul’s finger.

As he finally unfolds the greasy paper, hindered by the stupid mittens and having to ask Angel to help, he sees a large chunk of venison, still bloody, sitting in the wrapping. Taking the paper in his hands, he uses the blood to write his thanks, putting the movement of his thumb to good use, and mourning the fact that he can’t start eating due to being strangled by the muzzle, giving the scrap to Angel and watching his own face light up at his gratitude.

*How did you get this? I don’t know what to say, thank you, Angel…

The spider nods, and Alastor picks off a very loose chunk, bringing it to the small gaps of the muzzle hungrily. Taking in the heady scent, he sighs as Angel watches like a parent with a child on Christmas Day. He’s so hungry…

”Someone owed me a favour, and I knew that you were havin’ a rough time, so I gotcha some, sorry it’s not cooked, by the way, I can ask for someone to-“

Alastor laughs as Angel rambles on about cooking it, smiling at the eccentric attitude of the other, and wanting to return the favour. Taking some more of the blood on his thumb, he turns the paper scrap over, trying to write smaller so he can express his gratitude and offer Angel some of the gift.

*No, Angel, I prefer it like this, don’t think of what you haven’t done! This is an amazing gift, my dear, once again, thank you for getting it for me. Would you like a piece

Shaking his head, Angel mocks recoiling, and Alastor laughs, the vibration running through his teeth and making him wince as it passes through the tender area his tooth was pulled from. Angel smiles, and suddenly perks, eyes wide and smile larger than before.

”I almost forgot! You know how the Vees are, uh, Overlords?”

Alastor nods, and Angel squirms uncomfortably. He knows Alastor was (still is) an overlord, so he doesn’t like hearing the same term describe his rapists, and he’s scared he’s f*cked up again. In comfort, Alastor places a hand on his knee, and Angel steadies himself, putting his own hand on Alastor’s.

”Every extermination, Lucifer comes to Overlords, except some who prefer to hide away, meaning he can’t find them, and takes a sort of census of how many people they have, or have lost to the enemy.”

Alastor nods, knowing this from his radio show, when Lucifer would tell him ‘let’s get this over with’, and count up his many, many souls. Lucifer always disliked him for his power and nonchalant attitude. Alastor hated him for being lucky enough to control everyone in Hell, but still be able to find time to create pathetic inventions like ducks who spit fire.

”Don’t you know what this means, Al? He’ll be trying to find YOU! If he comes here, and sees what these bastards do to you, maybe he could get you outta here!”

Alastor’s eyes widen, but he hesitates, ripping another piece of paper from the wrapping and slicking his thumb with blood once more.

*What about you? I’m not going to leave you here with them.

Angel goes quiet, staring at the paper with tears in his eyes, then wraps his arms around Alastor, shaking and holding him tightly. Alastor’s own arms find their way to Angel’s back, stroking him gently and trying to convey that he’s okay. That Alastor is going to get them out of here. All while mentally flipping the Vees off and planning how in all of Heaven he’s going to get himself noticed by the King of Hell, also known as the midget who hates his entirety.

Chapter 9

Chapter Text

“Angel, come on. Hour’s up, baby.”

Angel stands, obeying Val as he smirks at him, Alastor’s hand lingering on his as he begs silently through the gesture for another moment in safety for the both of them. Letting Val pick him up, Angel nuzzles into the fur around his neck, trying to get any kind of reprieve from the two on Alastor as he can. He doesn’t mind any of the sh*t the Vees pull, he’s too co*ked up to care most of the time, and he hasn’t stopped since the first time he found out he could get high in hell.

Feeling Valentino’s hands roam around his body, Angel relaxes in his arms, whining and pushing against his hand as best he can as Valentino laughs, kissing him and letting him feel the rush of his pheromones dulling his thoughts.

“We’re going out today, baby~ it’s really important, so I need you dopeless, okay?”

Settling into Valentino’s lap, Angel nods, not knowing when they’d gotten into the limo, but not caring. Exhaustion is making him sloppy as Valentino puts him down on the floor, clipping a hot pink collar onto him and a black leash, the objects only used when he’s going to somewhere really important, like a club, or some sort of new deal. Valentino always liked to let people sample the goods, after all…

”Oh, who am I kidding, Amortico…you’re so cute doped up, come here. I’ve got something for you, AngelCakes.”

Half-heartedly, he accepts the needle in his arm, the dose of heroin burning its way through him as the world shifts, and Valentino picks him up again, a shivering kitten in need of affection. Angel snuggles up to his warmth, whining as Valentino slips a claw over his limp co*ck, and pulls down the white, silky panties he’d chosen for the day. They were the least revealing, so they were his favourite pair.

”You always look so sexy in white, Amortico…how do you feel about doing a scene as an Angel, hm? Pure, beautiful, wrecked by a lowly imp and f*ck broken as you beg for it to stop…hm, you’d be so pretty, pequeño araña…”

Angel nods along to whatever Valentino is saying, moaning loudly as he rips away his own trousers and slams himself into Angel, the moan wrecking his throat as if a scream as Valentino’s claws run down his cheeks. Oh…he is screaming, and that isn’t Val’s fingers, but…tears…

”So dramatic, aren’t you…shh, okay, okay, I won’t use your ass. Get back down on the floor, baby, after all, you haven’t had breakfast yet~”

Angel closes his eyes, taking a shuddering breath as Valentino throws him back down, and chokes him on his length.


”Get up.”


Vox bristles at the immediate response, striding over to the bed and yanking the covers away from the deer demon. Alastor’s eyes are unfocused, scratch marks all over the muzzle’s transparent window, and the mittens’ remains scattered all over the bed. f*ck…bringing out a new pair, he watches as Alastor’s tears silently roll down his cheeks, feeling the new constriction and not even bothering to fight as he takes off the handcuffs to apply them. Beside him, a bloody package lies unwrapped, a chunk of meat lying upon it.

“You need to remember who you’re talking to, whor*. I f*cking OWN YOU.”


Confused, Vox looks over him, finding no injury, or suggestion that he hurt Angel again, and is waiting for consequences. Then, his eyes widen, realising what’s wrong.

”sh*t, you’re hungry, aren’t you, babe?”

Broken, Alastor nods, having been scraping at the muzzle until his fingers bled, and allows Vox to unbuckle the damned thing, trembling and gagging as the bit threatens to make him throw up his last meal. The cuffs only had a certain amount of leeway, so he couldn’t unbuckle the muzzle himself, so he’d tried to destroy it, failing, and finally giving up. After all, he knew Vox would probably f*ck his mouth, and for once, he wanted the small amount of nourishment, uncaring of where it came from.

”There we go…such a good boy, waiting for me so patiently…open wide, Alastor.”

Alastor complies, feeling a small chunk of the venison be placed on his tongue, and he takes it ravenously, chewing silently, and when he’s done, opening his mouth expectantly. Vox laughs, picking him up and setting him in his lap, taking another piece and feeding the deer, bit by bit, until the lump of meat is gone, and Alastor is content, ears flicking back lazily and looking tired. Feeling a small twinge of guilt, Vox pulls him closer, setting him up in his arms and carrying him from his room, taking the muzzle with him.

”You bite me again, and I’ll pull out all of your teeth, understand?”

Alastor nods, tongue running across his teeth in relief of the accursed object, and lets himself be taken into Vox’s room.

Chapter 10

Chapter Text

“You know, I don’t have to be this mean to you. I don’t have to do this.”

”Then why do you?”

Vox hesitates as Alastor nibbles on a finger, as if he’s biting a nail. Ever since he’d first started torturing Alastor, a part of him screamed at him that he was a monster, that he needed to stop, but his mind wanted Alastor to suffer, to be his, to be wrecked at his hands.

”You refuse to submit to me, so I have to be cruel.”

”That’s not the reason.”

Vox considers gagging the other again, already sick of his quick remarks, but that other small part of him sings at Alastor’s voice, wanting to hear more, wanting to hear his thoughts.

”Oh? Then what is, my dear?”

Alastor squirms in his lap, uncomfortable as Vox’s arms wrap around him lightly, and kisses his cheek gently.

”You are like this because you like to see me suffer. It’s written all over you. Whenever I think you have maintained a shred of dignity you rape me once again, force me to play at being a harlot for your pleasure, and-“

Vox digs his claws into Alastor’s thigh, shutting him up with a sharp whine. Teeth grit, Vox shoves him to the floor, pinning his head back and shoving the bit into his mouth once more, tightening the muzzle and making Alastor gasp in pained fear as he finds himself silenced once more. Using a similar set of shackles for Alastor’s ankles, Vox finally pulls himself on top of the deer, shoving his head back and licking over his neck, growing hard as Alastor shudders in revulsion.

”You know...If you weren’t a stubborn BASTARD you wouldn’t be here, would you? You just wanted to prove you were powerful, better than me, hm? Well, I can tell you now, I always KNEW you were a little slu*t, begging for attention and hiding behind your ‘Haphephobia’? Nah. You’ve wanted me for so long it’s painful for me to even comprehend. And now…”

Vox palms his crotch, Alastor struggling against his arms as they tighten, and Vox tugs his underwear down, Alastor bucking against him as he runs a claw over his balls, tugging at the sensitive organs as Vox whispers in his ear.

”You’re mine.”

Locking up, Alastor yelps in pain as Vox shoves an unprepared finger into his ass, roughly thrusting until blood slicks his way, and Alastor is staring at the ceiling, looking as if he’s going to throw up. Annoyed, Vox snaps his fingers in front of his eyes, digging his claw deeper into his flesh, and watching Alastor convulse, muffled begs for mercy lost to the clear plastic between his teeth.

”You gonna cross me again? Tell me I’m wrong again? Hm?”

Alastor shakes his head, and Vox takes his fingers out, laughing as Alastor relaxes before pulling out his co*ck, and stroking himself off, his cum hitting his face and chest. As he pulls Alastor up by the ear, he holds him to his level, leaving one last biting kiss on his neck as he shoves him toward the door, panties still around his ankles.

”That’s what a real load looks like. Learn from it.”

Chapter 11

Chapter Text

Alastor collapses into his bed, exhausted from staying up all of the previous night with his issue with ejacul*ting, hoping sleep will drag him under so he can forget about his erection until the morning when he’s covered in cold cum and Valentino is happy, so he lets him see Angel again. He’ll be happy to know he’s eaten the venison…shuddering as he remembers his desperation, Alastor hides his face in his hands, embarrassment and arousal preventing sleep. It’s early, but he doesn’t care, wanting nothing more than to forget.

”Hey, Al, you in here?”

Alastor hears the slur in Angel’s voice, and shoots up, knocking on his bed frame to indicate he is. Angel stumbles in, tears soaking his fur as he struggles to limp over to Alastor, dripping blood and cum onto the floor in small taps. Alastor pulls him into an embrace, letting the spider sob into his blazer once again, and nuzzles against his bowed head, trying to push some comfort toward the spider as his co*ck aches due to Vox’s stimulation.

“How was your day..?”

Alastor tenses, and Angel mutters an apology, allowing Alastor to lie down with him in his lap, tucking his dick between his legs and making sure it doesn’t push against Angel. It hurts like hell, but he knows Angel needs comfort, now another of his issues. Smiling, Angel’s top hands reach over his head, and unbuckles the muzzle, too high to think of the consequences as he takes away the leather, and lets Alastor breathe. Knowing he can’t make Angel upset, he strokes his hair gently, as much as he can with the mittens, and chains.

”Nothing much to report, just stayed in here a while, and Vox took off the muzzle for a bit for me to eat your wonderful gift. Thank you again, by the way, dear.”

Angel nods, placing the muzzle on the floor and stepping on it, not breaking it, but cracking the screen allowing Vox to see his teeth. Eyes wide, Alastor gently tucks Angel beneath the blanket, thankfully not meeting too much protest, and hopes Vox won’t notice the damage.

”Good. Stupid motherf*cker…glad you’re not hungry no more…g’nignt, Al, sleep tight…”

Alastor smiles, and kisses his forehead, finding it hot with a feverous beginning of a crash, and he kneels beside him until he sleeps, taking one of his hands in his as tears gather in his eyes.

”I-it hurt, Alastor…it hurt so much…”

Alastor nods, stroking his head gently as he fades into a fitful sleep, then standing, shutting the door quietly and hoping to find Angel some ice, or at least a bit of water. Knowing Vox will likely see he’s rid himself of the muzzle, he takes the time to lower his mouth from the smile, stretching before finding his way to the elevator, and pressing the button to the studio, knowing there’s a water fountain there, and hoping there will still be ice in the dispenser after the day.

Waiting for the ride to end, he flexes his fingers in the mittens, tugging the jacket over his erection uncomfortably as it refuses to go away. He doesn’t want to give in to the Vees yet, he wants to maintain some dignity, but he knows when he gets to his room, he’ll need to do something to make it go away so he can sleep. Startled as the elevator dings, he nonetheless exits, finding the fountain, and taking three cups, two for ice, one for water, and a small towel on the top of the fountain.


Alastor jumps, immediately running away from the moth, only to be pinned down and his dick crushed against the rough carpet. Valentino grips his left ear, making him howl in agony, and try and twist away from the pain, only to be pinned further, his ribs cracking as he wheezes for breath, drawing Val’s attention to his mouth.

“Ohh, how’d you get your muzzle off, BITCH? Get my little Angel to do it? While he’s f*cked out of his mind? Wow. I thought you cared about him~? Guess not.”

Alastor cries out as Valentino yanks at his tail, laughing as he sees the erection he’s grinding against the rough carpet.

”You like this? Huh? Answer, slu*t, since you don’t have your muzzle. I’m sure Vox will LOVE hearing about how you’ve f*cked up again, won’t he?”

Alastor shakes his head, sobbing into the carpet as Valentino jerks his dick, whining and pleading for it to stop in small yelps and shouts.

”N-no, please, I-it hurts, g-get off!! I-I didn’t tell A-angel to take it o-off, p-please, stooppp!!”

Valentino doesn’t listen, however, and he reaches an agonised climax, a lot more shooting from him and staining the carpet. Smirking, Valentino licks the cum that landed on his fingers, then scoops up the rest, shoving it into Alastor’s mouth and making him gag against his fingers as another rubs his face into the mess.

”Don’t like it? Good. Vox is going to love this~ get up, slu*t. We’re taking you to your Daddy~”

Alastor feels the fingers hook into the roof of his mouth, dragging him up by it and finally pressing his teeth together with another hand, noticeably out of view of the camera.

”Bad boy, Ally~ you shouldn’t bite your owners.”

Chapter 12

Chapter Text

Vox wakes to Valentino slamming open his door, and Alastor shrieking for freedom.

Immediately alerted by the deer’s voice, Vox stands, striding over to the pair and seeing a bleeding bite mark on Valentino’s left bottom hand and Alastor without his muzzle. Slapping the terrified slu*t, he finally shuts up, cowering in his presence as if a child being punished.

”Val, what happened?”

Valentino laughs, kicking the deer to lay on his stomach as he walks over to Vox, knowing Alastor can’t go anywhere.

”I found him in the studio, filling up a cup with water. He’s convinced Angel to take off and crack your muzzle, and he was trying to escape when I found him. So I pinned him down, and because I saw he was hard, I was nice enough to make him cum, and he f*cking bit my hand! Hurts like a bitch, just hope he isn’t rabid.”

Vox stands on Alastor’s back, a terrified whine escaping the other as he struggles to breathe, and Vox shoves his other shoe between his legs, pressing hard against his balls.

”I thought you’d learn from our little chat earlier, whor*, but it seems you want to be f*cking WRECKED, don’t you? ANSWER ME.”

Alastor shakes his head, trying to explain, but only managing choked gasps. Annoyed, Vox steps off his back, but keeps his other shoe tight against his sensitive testicl*s, watching as the other takes greedy gulps of air before flipping onto his back, looking him in the eyes with pure terror hidden in his own.

”A-angel has…h-had a fever, and he t-took the muzzle off. I-I had no way of a-asking him to, I-i swear! T-then, Valentino caught me getting h-him some ice and water, a-and brought me here. I-I didn’t bite him, I-i didn’t!!”

Vox brings Val’s arm closer, shoving Alastor’s face into the bloody wound and forcing him to feel the blood smudge over his face.

“Then what the f*ck is this? Valentino may be a sick motherf*cker at times, but he’d never f*cking hurt himself so a lowly whor* could get punished. No, here’s what I think happened. You saw Angel was high, and, yeah, maybe the whor* took off the muzzle without you asking, maybe that did happen.”

Vox puts a hand over Alastor’s mouth, bringing his left hand up and snapping his wrist like a twig, forcing the other to writhe and scream pathetically.

”But then, you saw Valentino when you tried to use Angel as an excuse to escape, and because he got you the muzzle, you bit him to teach him a lesson. Right, babe?”

Valentino nods, but Alastor sobs, shouting denial at him as he begs for mercy he knows he won’t receive. In answer, Vox rips off the mitten on the broken side, the angle in the joint makingit easy, then brings his claws to the other’s finger, slowly, carefully slicing through the flesh and not stopping despite the yells until he sees the bone, tracing all around it to form a circular line separating his hand from the flesh of his finger. Alastor is gasping for breath between screeches, tears staining his face as he pleads for forgiveness.

As if an answer, there’s a buzz from the main entrance, and Vox steps away, turning around to display the image of who’s at the door on his projector, and flinching back as he sees the guest, tapping his cane against the floor, and straightening his hat, mumbling to himself as he presses the buzzer with an amused smile.

Lucifer Morningstar is standing at his door.

Chapter 13

Chapter Text

“What’s taking them so long?!”

Lucifer taps his foot impatiently, already having pressed the button twice (as fun as it is) with no response. They know who he is, they need to respect him! Frustrated, he tries ringing the buzzer once more, and this time, a buzz responds, and Vox’s voice fills the surrounding area. Finally.

”Y-your majesty! Welcome to Voxtech! Please wait until I can join you, I’m just taking care of something last minute, I’m so sorry for the delay!”

The buzz cuts out, but Lucifer feels a shudder run down his spine. There wasn’t just the normal static in that recording…he could swear he heard Alastor’s radio standby, having been around the f*cker one too many times for his liking to do this f*cking census, but he brushes it off as distortion. Even so…Vox seemed distressed, and, if he’s correct, and Alastor is in the Vee Tower, he doesn’t sound happy about it.

The static sounded like a scream.


”sh*t, sh*t, sh*t!! He was supposed to f*cking call, or warn me, not f*cking SHOW UP!! VAL, WHY ARE YOU JUST STANDING THERE?!”

Vox tries to wrestle Alastor into the suitcase they used last Extermination for the deer, a large, but still cramped cage for such a lanky demon, and Valentino laughs, much to his annoyance.

”Relax, babe, he didn’t find the f*cker last time, he’s not going to this time, k? Now, I’m gonna go get Angel up, you gonna be okay with him?”

Alastor tenses as Vox tightens the cuffs around his wrists, warning him not to fight anymore, but having the opposite effect.

”No, actually, I’m NOT. Your little slu*t can wait, Val, Alastor CANNOT BE FOUND.”

Rolling his eyes, Valentino hits Alastor hard, breaking his nose, and disorienting him enough to cram him into the suitcase. Since finding the muzzle risked being seen by Lucifer, he’d opted to punish Alastor by using a large amount of tape and a large dild*, wrapping the adhesive around his head, and consequently, his hair. Promising to be back to finish his punishment, he closes the suitcase, and shoves it under his bed, able to hear the quiet chokes, but not worried about it as Lucifer won’t come into his room.

”Go get Angel. Lucifer will want to see your best owned soul, after all, and I’ll go and greet the bastard.”

Valentino sighs, and gets up, slamming the door as if to prove a point. f*cking hell, now he’s got an angry business partner to deal with…finding his way through the cameras, he straightens his bow tie, and tidies his uniform, ignoring the small stain of blood on his trousers and opening the door with his keycard. The damned brat has been pressing the button repeatedly, as if it doesn’t alert him every time.

”Oh, there you are! I was wondering if you’d gotten lost!”

Vox suppresses an eye roll, and offers his hand to the eccentric king, who takes it almost immediately.

”Such a pleasure to see you, Sir, welcome to Vee Tower! Here for the census?”

Lucifer nods, and he takes him into the lounge, offering him some tea, which is accepted. Seriously considering poisoning it, he sees Valentino, carrying a sleeping Angel into the kitchen, and pouring the kettle water into his own mug, adding some coffee and stirring it in.

”Val, that was for LUCIFER. f*cking hell, is everyone’s aim today to PISS ME OFF?!”

As he makes a fresh kettle, Angel stirs, nuzzling against Valentino, thinking he’s Alastor. Valentino laughs, stroking his hair as he whines, opening his eyes and immediately smiling at Valentino, his expression tensed with fear and confusion. Finally finishing the two cups, he carries them inside, giving Lucifer his and watching as he adds an obscene amount of sugar.

”Have you got your file?”

Vox nods, digging around in his storage, and producing the file. Valentino comes in a little later, carrying his own papers and Angel in his arms. Seeing him, Lucifer tenses, still not fully forgiving him for replicating him in one of his p*rnos, and takes another sip to forget he’s there.

”Oh! That reminds me, heh, we’re doing something new this time, since I’ve had too many people running into Exterminations. I-I need to question one of your souls, just to check the quality of work. Since Angel’s here, I’ll talk to him. Privately.”

Vox nods, but he’s suspicious. Alastor had screamed as Valentino shoved the dild* into his mouth, when he was apologising to Lucifer, and he’s not sure if the King has picked it up. Wary of Angel’s friendship, he pulls Valentino out of the room, and heads up to the CCTV room, listening to Alastor’s sobs through the cameras in his room and turning up the volume to the max, unzipping his fly and stroking himself while knowing Alastor is in pain, and dreading getting out of the suitcase despite the tightness.

Chapter 14

Chapter Text

“You, uh, want some tea?”

Angel nods, uneasy as Lucifer (f*ck, the king of Hell himself is questioning him about the studio??) pours him a cup, adding some cream and stirring it gently, offering a soft, easy smile.

”Alright, I’m going to be honest, I don’t want to be here for longer than I have to. I’d like to ask if there’s been any new arrivals here, and to offer you somewhere other to stay. I know it’s not nice staying here, those Vee people are insufferable as it is.”

Lucifer takes a sip of his own drink, then sets it down, waiting expectantly.

”Uh, n-not that I know of, I know Mr Vox has been busy, I don’t know what with though. All I know is that something’s UP.”

Hoping the exaggeration is enough, Angel takes a sip, his smallest finger pointing to the stairs, and the camera. Lucifer stares, then seems to realise what he’s saying, and smiles at him, standing.

”I think you’d like to meet my daughter. She’s setting up a hotel, you see, one for redemption. Perhaps you’d like to give it a go? Maybe one of your friends, too?”

Angel nods, and Lucifer paces, seemingly deep in thought.

”Do you ever go up to Valentino’s room for…intercourse? Unprofessionally?”

Angel nods, and Lucifer stops, turning to him in sympathy.

”Wait, really? Does…does he hurt you?”

Angel shrugs, looking down at the mug he’s been given.

”Sometimes. It depends on what kinda day he’s had, or if I’ve been good enough. Hurts either way though, if he means to or not, yknow?”

Lucifer nods, placing a hand on his shoulder in comfort, then flicks through the files, occasionally asking him questions.

‘What’s it like living here?’

‘Fine, sometimes I get gifts, like my pet, Fat Nuggets’

‘What’s Fat Nuggets?’

‘He’s a HellBoar. Not gonna grow ‘cause he was the runt of the litter, so Val gave him to me when he got a farmer to sign a deal for him.’

‘Interesting. Does anyone else get gifts?’


’Forgive my bluntness, but why?’

’Cause I do as I’m told, and I don’t complain when Valentino gets what he wants.”

Lucifer, finished with the files, stands once more, and bows, bidding him a good night with sympathy and empathetic pain in his eyes. It takes all he has not to break down sobbing, but he knows if Alastor’s going to get help, he needs to stop Lucifer talking to him so he can go and find him.

”Well, that’s all I need, Angel Dust. Thank you for your cooperation, and I’ll see to it that you get a chance to stay at the Hotel. You…you’re not staying here any longer, it’s not fair.”

Angel smiles, thanking Lucifer as he takes both of their cups, and sets them on the tray, shaking one of his hands enthusiastically.


Holy sh*t.

Lucifer pushes down the anger he feels at the Vees, not being able to punish them for anything yet. From what Angel was doing, Alastor is probably in Vox’s room, hidden so they don’t suffer any consequences, but it’s not what he’s angry about. Alastor can hold his own, he’s seen the bastard fight, but…the spider demon seems so used to the treatment it’s scary. Taking himself up the stairs, he tries to calm himself down enough to speak to Vox without throwing him off the roof.

”Oh, are you done talking to Angel, sir? Trying to find the exit?”

Lucifer jumps as Vox teleports in front of him, stopping him from getting into the elevator.

”Hah, no, I just wanted to have a little bit of a walk around, see what there is to see, all that jazz.”

Vox smiles, but it’s wide, and fake. Lucifer gently pushes past him, getting into the elevator and pressing the purple, heart-embroidered button that has an aqua V running through it. Before Vox can question him, however, he’s already behind steel doors, and can hear Valentino yelling at someone, telling them they’re not moaning loud enough, or some sh*t. Rolling his eyes, he finally arrives, seeing the neon pink, purple and blue doors.

Wow. He knew they were childish, but holy sh*t…

Pushing open the furthest door, he finds a messy room, bloodstains on the carpet and bed unmade, as well as cameras dotted around the ceiling and even one on the bedframe. Sick motherf*cker…checking around for secret doors under the carpets, he’s surprised to hear something under the bed, almost like a distorted bleat, under the bed, seemingly gagged, but there’s nothing there but a suitcase Alastor would never fit into.

”Alastor? Where are you? Are you in the f*cking shadows?”

The suitcase moves, and Lucifer drags it out, feeling its weight and knowing it’s got to be someone, even if it isn’t Alastor. Poor soul…unzipping the case, he attempts to open it, only to find Vox has put some sort of lock on the inside, too, preventing him from getting in. Frustrated, he rips open the bottom of the suitcase, eyes wide as he sees what he’s looking for.

Alastor is gagged and bound, stuffed into the small space with pleading, fearful eyes as he sees Lucifer. His chest is heaving with the new, fresh air, and, more noticeably, his left wrist is snapped, his middle finger’s flesh separated from the rest of him in a horrific display. Nausea creeps up within him as he cuts away the rest of the fabric, allowing Alastor to spill out, a sharp yell coming from behind the tape as he lands on his wrist.

”Hooollly sh*t, Alastor, what the f*ck? I-I mean, I never liked you but…w-why would he be..?”

At that moment, conveniently, Vox strides past, stopping with wide eyes as the King of Hell kneels over the injured sinner, bleating pathetically behind the gag.

“Y-your majesty, I can explain, I-“

Rage blinds him, and he summons his wings, taking Alastor in his arms and feeling just how starved and broken the man is as he leans into his touch with a shudder of pain and submission.

“I will be back for Angel Dust. You touch him, and I will make sure yousuffer much worse than I already plan to do so. Get his things packed NOW, and tell him to wait outside.”

Vox simply nods, and glares at the floor as he calls Valentino. Getting a tight grip on the trembling deer, Lucifer pulls them onto the balcony, and takes off for the Happy Hotel.

Chapter 15

Chapter Text

“Get out.”

Angel tenses at the sound of the Overlord’s voice, eyes wide in terror as he hears his soft, almost disconnected words. Attempts to speak are futile, however, as Valentino gags him, shoving a ridiculously large ball into his mouth and tying it tightly around his head. Sobbing, Angel struggles as the moth clips the collar and leash onto him, then places a blindfold over his eyes, drowning him in darkness and terror.

”Gonna speak up again? Want me to f*cking rip your tongue out? Hm?”

Angel shakes his head, crying out as Val drags him outside by the leash, choking him as Vox and Valentino laugh at his tears and fear. Something brushes against his ass, and he yelps, begging through the ball for mercy as it slips inside, dragging against his walls painfully, and creating deep cuts within him.

”Can’t keep you, but I can sure make my mark, can’t I~? Start crying, and I’ll hurt you for real. Vox, you want his mouth?”

”He gonna bite? f*cker’s left scars on my dick by now. Wasn’t worth the f*cking hassle, now Lucifer’s pissy.”

Valentino unbuckles the gag, allowing him some freedom as he gasps.

”N-no, pl-“

Feeling the co*ck enter his mouth, Vox groans, tearing into his scalp with his claws, and making him scream around his dick, blood streaming down the back of his head as he pleads for mercy he knows neither of the Vees have the capacity to give. Valentino chooses then to stick himself into Angel, who chokes at the agony, writhing between the two as Vox finally pulls out.

”Open. You don’t need to breathe, whor*. You just need to suck. How hard can it be?! Wait. I know, you want something to help, don’t you?”

Knowing Vox and Valentino are likely going to reject him, he nods, trembling as Vox brings out three shots of heroin. One for each of them, right? As the first sticks into his arm, he winces at the pressure point, then shakes his head as Vox readies the send to be shot into his veins.

”Oh? What’s wrong, scared of being helped? Aww…what do you say, Val, does he deserve the other shots?”

In answer, Valentino shifts, sitting down and spearing him further onto his co*ck, the lower pair of arms locked around his waist as the second grab both the syringes, and, pinning his arm down, injects them both swiftly. His world is spinning as he tries to stay awake, pushed back down onto his hands and knees and forced to endure rough thrusts spit-roasting him as he slowly gave into the hush of darkness threatening to overtake him.


”Shh, it’s okay, it’s okay, you’re safe…”

Alastor sleeps against his chest, small, terrified bleats forming as whatever nightmares he’s having terrorise him, and he desperately tries to make himself faster, the Hotel being so far from any of the cities in the Pride Ring he almost regrets giving Charlie the building. She’d been so happy when he’d given her KeeKee, though, so he doesn’t have the heart to move the Hotel she’s building up. In the beginning, it was just him and her, but soon, a newly rising overlord called Husk took interest, and with him came Niffty.


Now it’s the four of them, waiting for new patrons, while Niffty cleans and Husk drinks all the booze he can. He knows something must have happened to the two, as Husk hates being touched, or his bow tie being done by anyone but himself, ect, but he hasn’t been told what, not by Charlie, Niffty, not even Charlie’s girlfriend, Vaggie. He knows she’s a fallen Angel, but doesn’t want to spoil it for Charlie. They seem so happy…

Finally reaching the hotel, he takes Alastor in one arm (f*ck, he’s so light…) while the other knocks on the door, having kept KeeKee with Charlie in case she needed to go out, or have someone to pet. Husk comes to the door, half-asleep due to the timing (he had gone out at 3:00AM) and immediately slams it as he sees who he’s holding. Strange…

”Husk, let me in. This man is hurt, bad, and he needs somewhere to stay.”

”I’m not letting that f*ckER anywhere near me!!”

Lucifer sighs, a pant of guilt threatening to force him to puke as Alastor wakes, wincing as he pulls on the tape around his mouth. He hasn’t got any scissors, or meaningful ways of removing the adhesive, so he’s waiting to get in so he can use water to dampen it, and loosen its grip on his face.

”He’s of no harm, Husk. I know he’s the Radio Demon, but he’s been…though a lot, to say the least.”

The door opens slowly, and Husk looks down at the deer, taking in his condition, and frowning in fear and confusion. Alastor’s eyes widen, and something attempts to come out through the tape, but he gags instead, seeming to nearly throw up before steadying himself, and bowing his head. Husk hesitates, then steps out of the way, gaze never leaving the deer in his arms.

“What the f*ck..? Who did this? How…how did they do it?”

Lucifer takes Alastor inside, summoning a blanket and tucking Alastor under, ignoring his desperate attempts to free himself from its hold and filling a cup with water, spilling it over where the tape is stuck the worst, then slowly unravelling it, revealing a terrifyingly large and thick dild* rammed into his throat, coming free with a wet, disgusting pop.

”Vees. I went to perform the census, you know how I do so, and I found him and one of the p*rnstars. Obviously abused, poor spider.”

Husk nods, but isn’t really listening. Lucifer takes a deep breath, then turns to Husk, prepared to send him to collect the spider if he refuses.

”I…I have a favour to ask. Since Alastor is too weak to really do just about anything at the moment, and I need to go get, um, Angel Dust, I really need someone to watch him. Please, Husk, and I’ll not ask you for a single thing for a month. Deal?”

”No need for that, Luci. I’ll do it. Go get the p*rnstar, got some questions anyway.”

Lucifer nods, before remembering what else he wanted to ask.

”Do you know if we have any bug spray?”

Chapter 16

Chapter Text

Lucifer travels through the maroon skies, heart pounding as he finally gets into the city. As well as the spray, Niffty had also stashed away some WD-40, so he took some in case Vox was there too. Angelic weapons would be too quick for those motherf*ckers, so he intends on making them suffer before their punishment. Torture people with sex, you’re gonna get sex.

Finally getting to the Tower, he waits, thinking Angel is packing, and sends Vox a message, telling him that he’s outside, and to get Angel. Then, he takes out his favourite duck, texting Charlie with his whereabouts, and thanking Husk once more. He gets a short text back from Husk, but not Charlie, but he understands, it’s still quite early, being 5:00AM.

Something in his mind screams that something’s wrong, that Angel isn’t just packing, but he tries to push it down until he’s waited at least five minutes. After all, he may be Fallen, but he’s still worthy of Heaven. If it wasn’t so corrupt…he knows Charlie has a wonderful dream, and he’s willing to try and make it happen for her, of course, but he also knows that Heaven won’t LISTEN. At all. When he’d tried to explain why he gave Eve the Apple, everything went to sh*t, so he’s doubting they’ll listen to his daughter.

Well, all they can do is wait for something to happen, and hope for the best.


His body aches as he gasps, turned on his side and vomiting what little he has in his body back up onto the floor. Someone rubs his face in his mess, and he whines, still blindfolded as Valentino laughs above him, his fur slicked back and messy with the bile, and Vox’s smirk showing through his teases of Val being disgusting. Tears joining the mess on his face, he pulls himself into a small, curled up ball, pleading for it to stop through the ring gag keeping his mouth open.

”Aww, have you had enough, baby~?”

Angel nods, but Valentino just forces another shot into his blood, his body convulsing and desperately trying to break free of the hands holding him despite knowing he can’t, and he’s too weak and exhausted to do so anyway. Instead of bile, blood forces it’s way from his throat, drowning him in copper before letting him breathe in time for Valentino to slap him, and Vox to dislocate his shoulder.

”Get up. You’ve already wasted sixteen needles, so if you don’t start being a good little whor*, I’m going to make sure Lucifer gets you in a matchbox , understood, Amortico?”

Unable to answer, Valentino does it for him, puppeting him like a doll and forcing him to nod. Smirking, Valentino lets go, shoving his dick into his mouth, Vox long stopping since he didn’t want to deal with the mess he’s become anymore. He still helped, though, pinning him down when Valentino wanted to get rough again, but most of the time just watching the moth kill him over and over. He cant do this anymore. It hurts too much.

So, he bites down, his venom just potent enough to have a quick effect.

Screaming in pain, Valentino yanks him off, throwing him against a wall and alerting the TV demon watching the awful display. Vox, unaware of the damage he’s done, smacks him across the face, striding over to Valentino as he nurses the bite, and glaring back at Angel. Mind fogged, all he can think to do is open the door, tearing the blindfold away from his face as he stumbles through the corridor, knowing he’s in the basem*nt due to the fact that Val had brought a shoot down to the damp area once.

Tripping over a thin pipe, he winces as something cracks, but carries on, his ankle hurting, but the pain numbed by the drugs in his system, getting himself to the elevator and pressing the main floor just as Vox comes crashing through, able to run after him with Valentino probably incapacitated in the room they were in. Reaching the main reception, Angel finally gets through the door, falling to his knees in front of a short, white figure and begging for help.

”Holy sh*t…oh, Angel, I’m…I’m so sorry…”

Feeling himself be picked up, he instinctively nuzzles against Lucifer’s chest, immediately trying to apologise as he realises what a mess he is. His face is sticky with drying puke, his body wracked with cuts and bruises, as well as his shoulder, and his (only just discovered) broken ankle.

“No, no, don’t apologise, it’s okay…shh, you’re okay, they’re not gonna hurt you anymore. I promise.”

Angel nods, trembling against Lucifer as he struggles to hold the lanky spider, finally finding a good position as Vox runs out of the building, trying to catch up to Angel and backtracking immediately as he sees Lucifer.

”Ohh, no you don’t, you BASTARD.”

Taking out the WD-40, Lucifer sprays it at his screen, Vox yelling in agony as he tries to find his screen wipes to stop the burning of his eyes. Satisfied with this for now, Lucifer takes off once more, his body complaining, but his mind too busy to take notice.

Chapter 17

Chapter Text

“If you’re going to kill me, do it quickly, Husker.”

Husk’s eyes are trained on him, guarding him intently, but a quiet rage is brewing beneath the surface of his stoic expression. Leaning into the couch, Alastor suppresses the tears as Husk places a hand on both of his, holding it tightly and showing he understands his pain, despite his assholery when he’d been a new Overlord. He’d tortured the poor cat, treated him like sh*t, and he still finds it within himself to forgive him?

”You’re a bastard, but you didn’t deserve this sh*t. How…how long?”

Alastor, blind to time, shrugs, wincing as it jostles his wrist, and Husk looks down at his wrists, seeing the degrading mittens and wincing. Shame makes his face heat, and he focuses on anything other than the old cat sat in front of him, finding a decent potted plant and fixing his gaze onto it.

”What the f*ck..? How did these bastards even get you? Last I checked, you were this badass overlord who didn’t give a sh*t about anyone or anything. I knew that firsthand…”

Alastor hesitates, then, knowing he’s already hurt the sinner enough, begins talking.

”I came back after my absence, which you already know about, obviously. When I did, I was going to return straight home, but the picture box shop caught my image, and Vox challenged me to a battle. Since his…p-partner was there, I lost, and…was forced to sign over free will.”

Alastor hopes Husk doesn’t notice the waver in his voice as he remembers the anguish he’s put him though and convinced Vox to do the same of, but the cat has always been perceptive, and gets a glass of water, adding a straw and placing it carefully in his bound hands, watching carefully with a hand underneath as he sips it gratefully, voice hoarse from screaming and abuse.

”I’m not saying I forgive you, yknow. You’re a sh*thead, and you’ve…f*ck, you messed me up for a few years. But…I can’t say I don’t sympathise, nor that I’m gonna sit here and watch you struggle. So, since you have my f*cking soul contract, how about we end it. Only then will I take off your mittens.”

Alastor hesitates, then nods, knowing he has no use for the scrap of useless paper. Husky takes it, and, with Alastor’s power gone, tears it, his eyes glowing a deep amber as he regains his power, and the souls Alastor took from him return to his own leashes.

“And Niffty’s. She can decide whether she wants it, but until then, you’re not keeping it.”

Alastor’s eyes widen at the small sinner’s name, accidentally spilling some of the water as he lights up a bit.

”She’s here? Has she been well? That child must feel so lost if she’s not…”

Husk laughs, taking the contract and stashing it away in his pocket, then removes the mittens, placing the water on the table and allowing Alastor to flex his fingers, stretching them out and gently moving them around.

”She’s here. Never left my side, ‘n kept asking when you’d be back. Don’t f*ck up and disappear again, she stopped cleaning for a solid month.”

Alastor nods, happy to hear the young demon is safe. She’s a rare case, a child ended up in Hell due to the accidental murder of her parents by wood-chipper. He’d taken her in when she became a minor Overlord, having died young and having to grieve all at once turning her into a psychopathic serial killer, and Alastor, seeing how afraid she was underneath it, had gotten her to sign over her soul before she hurt herself picking a fight with someone she couldn’t kill.

“You have what you need now. Am I forgiven?”

Husk nods hesitantly, and Alastor takes one of his hands, a sharp jolt of fear running down his own spine as his phobia kicks in once again, and Husk flinches, expecting pain, but receiving none.

”I…I do apologise for my actions. You were on the receiving end of some very complex matters, and I took it out on you to make it less of a burden on myself.”

Husk nods, and Alastor lets go, offering a small smile to the demon in front of him, and wipes his face, using the sleeve of the accursed blue jacket he’s wearing as Husk pours himself some whiskey. Someone knocking on the door makes him tense, automatically shrinking back against the couch as Husk puts a hand on his shoulder hesitantly.

”Hey, it’s just Lucifer, probably back with the p*rnstar he was talking about. Said you had a friend in there?”

Alastor nods, and Husk takes off the chain on the door, having left it unlocked due to knowing the King would be back soon, and stumbles back as Lucifer staggers inside, clearly exhausted, with a bleeding, terrified spider in his arms. Alastor’s eyes widen, and he struggles to unwrap himself, but Lucifer shakes his head, and he stops as Angel is laid on the other couch, clearly overdosed on something.

”I-I’m going to get some sleep. You two can stay here tonight, then we’ll sort out proper rooms and medical care tomorrow. My daughter is a good healer, so…oh, did you make up? Good.”

And with that, Lucifer drags himself back to his own room, a maroon door with little ducks painted on it, and Husk stays exactly where he is, a large armchair Alastor quite likes the look of. Angel’s breaths are shaky, spit foaming at the mouth as he whimpers, awake, but unfocused. Alastor picks the lock on the cuffs with a claw, reaching out to the other and finding him deathly cold, his chest’s movements shallow, then non-existent.

Chapter 18

Chapter Text

Charlie wakes to the first rays of HellSun gently shining through the windows, smiling as Vaggie wakes up too, kissing her cheek gently as she gets dressed, KeeKee greeting her along with Razzle and Dazzle. Making sure everyone is fed and happy, she finally gets started on the day’s plans, knocking on her father’s door and hearing the usual ‘five more minutes sweetie’, but…

This time, it seems more tired than usual.

Worried Lucifer is coming down with something, Charlie opens the door, seeing her father’s room a mess, and his bedsheets wrapped around him as he softly snores. Carefully, she makes her way to her dad’s bed, shaking him gently with worry in her eyes.

”Dad, you okay? You sound…sick…”

Lucifer laughs, petting her head as he always does and getting up, but the cracks and pops that usually come from his joints are much more noticeable, and several more join the mix. Nonetheless, she goes to walk out, when Lucifer stops her, a hand on hers as he smiles awkwardly. Ohh, sh*t, what’s he done…

”Uh, Charlie, before either of you go downstairs, I need to take care of something. Or, somethings. Just, um, give me a minute, and I’ll shout you when pancakes are done, okay?”

Confused, Charlie nods, then goes to Husk’s room, knocking gently, and getting no response. Dressed in his duck onesie, she sees her dad making his way downstairs with the medical kit, and assumes Husk cut himself, wanting to ask if she can help and walking out onto the stairs.

Only to see two strangers asleep on her couch, one covered in what looks like vomit, and the other bruised badly on his face and neck, from what she can see. Eyes wide, she rushes downstairs, catching Lucifer off guard and making him drop the medical kit, cursing as the deer sinner slowly opens his eyes, blinking in confusion before realising where he is and settling down.

”Uh, so, this is NOT what it looks like, I promise, how about we talk in the kitchen, okay honey?”

Dazed, Charlie nods, eyes fixed on the sinners as some sort of familiarity plagues her mind, but she can’t place it. Lucifer sits at the table, summoning a glass of water and taking some painkillers, seemingly for a headache, and Charlie waits for the explanation as Lucifer puts the cup down and takes out his favourite duck, putting it on the table for support.

”So, you know the Vees, right?”

Charlie nods. Nobody doesn’t know the Vees, them being three of the biggest overlords in the Pride Ring, one of fashion, film, and entertainment. Almost everything technological or fashionable belongs to them, unless you deal in the many black markets all over Hell, and get human tech.

“And, uh, you know the Radio Demon, right? And the star of all those um, movies I didn’t really want to let you watch because you were 17, but you did anyways?”

Charlies eyes go wide, but Lucifer stops her, seeming almost nauseous.

”Yeah, good, you know them. Okay, so I have to do an annual census every year to see who’s got how many souls, you know, you’ve seen me do those. And, I needed to go to Vee Tower, so I went, three am, by the way, you weren’t awake, otherwise I’d have asked you to come with if you wanted to.”

Charlie nods, listening intently to her father. He seems angry, a quiet rage brewing between his eyes as he grips the glass in his hands.

”So I went, and I heard the radio static in their room, so I wanted to see if Alastor was in there, and if he was hurt, because I know they had, uh, a bit of an argument a little while ago. Seven years, in fact. And, yeah, he wasn’t there right then, but Angel Dust was, and I knew he was a bit nervous, so I wanted to ask him a little bit about the Vees.”

”Okay, makes sense so far”

”Good. I’m glad. So, then I asked him about it, and…well, V-Valentino and Vox, they…r-worded him. Alastor, I mean, Valentino did it to Angel, but Vox doesn’t seem to like it, so, um, then I went to their room, and I found Alastor, I-in a suitcase, and he was hurt, so I took him back h-here and told Husk to watch over him, and waited for Angel, and, a-and he was hurt too, and now he’s dead-“


”Charlie, I know, just listen, they overdosed him, and they hurt him again, so I took him back here, and I got them to get some rest, but they need help, Char, I can’t just leave them to be hurt like that!!”

Charlie puts a hand on her father’s, calming him down enough for him to take a deep breath, and stop his panicked rambling. Whenever he’s upset, or obsessed with something, like ducks, he’ll start spiralling into a fit of rambling until someone snaps him out of it.

”Okay, o-okay, I’m calm now. Thank you. Point is, they need a room. Preferably close together, or, hell, maybe the same room! But, uh, yeah, they need somewhere to stay until they can get their own place, or until the Vees are gone.”

Charlie nods, knowing her father never gets this riled up unless it’s serious. Closing her eyes, she can’t help but feel some excitement. Her first real patrons! Staying at the Hotel! Standing, she follows Lucifer back out, finding a bandaged Alastor, and a waking Angel, being filled in on the details by Husk. Charlie clears her throat, and everyone turns to her, a slight jump of nerves coming to her as she smiles.

”Um, Angel, Alastor, sir, welcome to the Happy Hotel! We’re trying to redeem souls!”

Alastor seems confused, Angel not paying attention at all, probably too out of it, or in shock. Seeing his friend isn’t listening, Alastor offers a small smile, trying to be encouraging but just hurting his bruised jaw. Charlie still gets a little more excited, even still.

“And, uh, yeah, that’s Charlie. She’s the owner of the hotel. She’s nice.”

Angel nods, hearing Husk’s voice over hers, and waves, smiling gently as she returns the favour. Husky places a hand on Angel’s and the other tears up, but snuggles against Husk gently. Alastor watches over him carefully, and Charlie takes it as a good thing, following Lucifer to finally get some breakfast cooked.

Chapter 19

Chapter Text

Angel wakes to a cat demon putting bandages onto Alastor, the deer wincing as the cat pets his ears soothingly.

Confused, Angel runs a hand through his fur, feeling its dry, sticky state, and knowing he’s overdosed again. Vox and Valentino have probably sent this guy to f*ck them, creating a medical role play as improvisation, and he immediately tries to get out from underneath the blanket basically smothering him, probably to stop him running away. The cat is saying something, walking over to him, and he shrinks back against the couch, begging (he thinks) through the haze.

“-you’re okay, you’re safe, they’re not here…shh, cmere, you’re okay…”

Angel cries out in terror as the cat puts a hand on his, shaking his head and using his second pair to shove him away, but the cat gets back up, keeping his distance and getting out his phone, typing something, probably to Vox and Valentino. Squeezing his eyes shut, he brings himself into as tight a ball as he can, shaking as something taps him gently.

Its the phone.

Hesitantly, he takes the device, wiping his eyes and using the pair of hands that aren’t covered in blood and vomit to read what the cat has typed.

’You’re not at Vee tower. You are safe. You can have a shower in my room in a minute. Lucifer will be out in a minute.’

Finally calming down enough to look around, he sees Alastor, trapped under a similar blanket as not to jostle his own wounds, and his own body, broken, dirty and used. Yet, the cat isn’t shying away. Despite all the sh*t dried into his fur, he’s not telling him he’s disgusting, that he should clean himself up because he needs to be perfect for every second of his life…he’s just gently holding his hand, waiting for a new reaction.

”Feelin’ better?”

Angel nods, allowing the cat to gently pull away the blanket, hissing sympathetically as he sees what a mess they’ve made of his body. His jaw is bruising badly, probably broken, his ankle bent nearly backwards with the break, as well as more dried substances, some suspiciously looking like cum. The cat doesn’t complain, though, counting down from one, and setting his ankle back into place, Angel barely suppressing his pained scream as the break is wrapped in a cast, and set onto a cushion.

”I’m…I’m Husk by the way. Or, uh, the Gamblin’ Demon.”

Angel smiles, and Husk gets back to work, finishing with the medical care, and making sure to give the cast a protective cover. Then, he takes out some sort of roll, pulling it into two halves and giving him one, and Alastor the other. The deer seems to be spaced out, nibbling on the bread roll gratefully, but staring at the door, seemingly alert. As he eats, Husk watches over the two of them, seemingly getting a little closer to him. When he’s done, Husk smiles, taking his hand once more.

”You’re probably wonderin’ what happened, aren’t you..?”

Angel nods, slightly confused as to why he can hear Lucifer in another room.

”Yeah. So, you, uh, you’re a p*rnstar under the Vee name, aren’t you? Yeah, Lucifer said somethin’ about it. Didn’t explain much, but he said they hurt you, and…when you got back, you had sixteen pockmarks. I…made sure you came back, after your death I mean. You, uh, you talk, when you do. Didja know that?”

Angel shakes his head, guilty that he’s caused the cat so much trouble. As if he knows, Husk smiles, his paw gently holding his hand in it’s careful grasp.

“Hey, don’t feel bad, you’re not the one who’s a f*ckin’ psycho perv. Sorry, too soon. Seriously, though, you’re not the one to blame, you just need time and help to heal. Anyways, off that sorta sh*t, you’re now in the Happy Hotel. Yayyyy.”

Angel frowns, confused. He’s never heard of the Hotel before, but he knows Valentino would never tell him of somewhere he could get someone to help him at…

”Basically, it’s run by this girl, Charlie, she’s the Princess, and me and Niffty, who you’ll probably see around somewhere, or with Alastor, help clean and get rid of the booze. Vaggie, Princess’ girlfriend, she’s basically a one woman army, so don’t cross her. Other than that, you’re good. I’ll take ya to my room now, if you want? Charlie and Lucifer should be-“

Husk pauses in finishing off the wrap on his ankle cast as Lucifer walks out of the kitchen, Charlie in tow. Alastor flicks his ear in her direction, lazily tuning into the conversation as she clears her throat.

”Um, Angel, Alastor, sir, welcome to the Happy Hotel! We’re trying to redeem souls!”

Angel seemingly doesn’t hear her, the rush of so much heroin making his hearing fuzzy beyond a few meters. Husk taps him, and his attention is back on the cat as he smiles.

“And, uh, yeah, that’s Charlie. She’s the owner of the hotel. She’s nice.”

Angel nods, turning to Charlie and waves, his fangs showing through his smile as she does so in return. Knowing Angel is struggling due to the crash, Husk takes his hand once more, letting the other snuggle against him as Alastor watches carefully, his expression unreadable. Charlie follows Lucifer back into the kitchen, and Husk stands, offering his hand to Angel as Alastor stares, seemingly exhausted as he flicks his left ear, settling for lying back down on the couch as Angel takes his hand.

”How about that wash, hm?”

Angel nods, and, leaning on Husk for support, makes his way up the stairs. Alastor watches them go, hurt by the notion that he cannot join Angel due to his lack of energy and malnutrition, the bread threatening to make a reappearance as he tries to get some sleep to forget about it all. All he hopes is that Lucifer sticks true to his promise, and that Angel feels better soon. He’s lost all regard for feelings in his own body by now.

Chapter 20


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

Drink Till You Choke - SansandPapyrus7424 (1)Drink Till You Choke - SansandPapyrus7424 (2)Lucifer plates up the pancakes, smiling as he sees Angel go upstairs with Husk and into his room. It seems like they’ve really hit it off…but…Alastor doesn’t seem so happy. Balancing the four plates (one for Alastor, Angel, him and Husk, Charlie and Vaggie eat upstairs, and Niffty just takes hers whenever) he sits beside Alastor, offering the plate and frowning when he’s refused.

”Alastor, you need to eat. You’re gonna make yourself worse if you starve yourself.”

“I don’t want it right now…I’m not hungry.”

As he speaks, his stomach betrays him, groaning loudly and making him curl up tightly. Lucifer places a hand on the one peeking from the blanket, immediately taking it back as Alastor flinches, and shrinks back into the couch. Cutting a small piece of the sweet food, Lucifer offers the fork to Alastor, who turns his face away, hiding in the blanket and shaking his head.

“Just try a bit, okay? If you don’t like it, I’ll find something else for you, but right now, it’s all I have, and everyone else seems to like them! Here, I’ll make a deal, if you don’t like it, you get to choose whatever you want, no matter the absurdity or price. Okay?”

Hesitant, Alastor nods, and Lucifer offers the fork, Alastor taking the small piece in his mouth and chewing slowly, tears in his eyes as he does so. Lucifer, unable to help himself, feels a small blush come to his face, the deer’s gesture too adorable to simply shrug off as he tentatively opens his mouth once more, only to cough, spilling the half-eaten bite onto the velvet and clutching his throat with a quiet sob.

”Oh, sh*t, are you okay? What’s wrong, what do you need?”

Alastor shakes his head, almost begging for no more food, and Lucifer puts down the fork, making sure to place it down loudly so Alastor knows he doesn’t have to eat anymore. The deer is panicking, breaths sharp, and shallow as he desperately tries to get the blanket off him, to no avail. Knowing he can’t do anything he’d normally do, like when Charlie would panic and he’d bring her her favourite food and watch a movie under a blanket, arm around her shoulder, he gently strokes the deer’s ears, hoping it’s enough.

”It’s okay, Alastor…you don’t have to eat…”

Alastor trembles under his touch, and Lucifer tries to search for something to tell him, something mundane, and so boring he can snap out of…whatever this is.

”So I was making a duck on Sunday…”


”V-vox, please, no more, no more!!”

”What? You said you were hungry, didn’t you? Get your ass back to that trough now.”

”I-I don’t want anymore, please, I-I’m sorry!! I won’t a-ask for more ever again, I-i won’t, please don’t make me do this…”

”You had your f*cking chance to apologise. I don’t f*cking care if you’ve had enough, you don’t KILL MY f*ckING STAFF SO YOUR GREEDY ASS CAN HAVE A SECOND HELPING. Now f*cking EAT.”


”You wanna keep arguing? Cause I can get more sh*t to keep you like how you’ve been until now, my silent, obedient little pet who’d never even DREAM of hurting anyone. Believe me, I can. So, are you going to eat, or do I have to shove it into your mouth myself. Hell, I’m sure Val has some sh*t to force you to eat. Want that?”

”No…n-no, sir…”

”Good. Now, eat. I don’t have all day to watch you being a pathetic, greedy bastard.”


“And it just wouldn’t breathe ice AND fire! So, I tried to adjust it AGAIN, and this time, somehow, it spat, I kid you not, pure f*cking GOLD. Hilarious, right? And…and…welcome back, Alastor.”

Alastor feels the weight of the blanket gone, sitting up to carefully embrace the King as he slowly pets his ears, making sure to copy what patterns Angel’s fingers have left behind, and staying silent for as long as the deer needs to process that he’s not wherever he thinks he is. In return, Alastor takes the fork, scoops a small piece of the sweet food, and chews it a small smile on his face as he manages to swallow it.

”Did…did you make these?”

Lucifer nods, and Alastor takes another piece, still small, and leans into his shoulder, slightly flinching, but settling for the rest. Besides, the onesie Lucifer is wearing is soft, and doesn’t overstimulate him too much, so he can be comfortable with the other. Knowing he’s lost himself again, he tries to come up with something to say, sleep trying to pull him down as Lucifer tucks the blanket over them once more.

”T-they’re nice…”

”Thanks, Alastor. Don’t feel forced to finish them.”

Drink Till You Choke - SansandPapyrus7424 (3)


I made another piece of art for this, link is here if you want to see!

Link: https://www.deviantart.com/sansandpapyrus7424/art/1059037938

Chapter 21


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

”And, uh, this is my room. Shower is through there, so, you can either sit down for a bit, or you can go straight through? I’m sure I can find some sort of outfit for you somewhere…”

Angel smiles as Husk obsesses over his room, touching up certain aspects and organising the bed carefully. The cat seems flustered, but Angel doesn’t let himself believe it’s because of him. Nobody wants a slu*t unless they’re looking for a cheap lay, and even then he’s probably another person in their mind.

”By the way, I’m gonna have to take care of your shoulder, too, when you’re out. It’s gonna hurt, but if we keep it like that, it’ll be worse, k? Hope you have a good shower.”

”Okay, that’s fine, thank…thanks for taking care of me, Whiskers.”

Shutting in the bathroom, he strips himself of his ruined clothes, throwing them with a bit too much force onto the bathroom floor, and runs his fingers through his ruined chest fluff, feeling the painful knots and hoping the cat has a hairbrush he can use. Until then, he steps under the shower, trying to stop the shaking as he remembers the harsh cleanings he’s received off Val.

Seeing the conditioners and other soaps, he puts a large amount onto his hands, then scrubs his face and hair, ignoring the sting as it gets into his eyes and the cuts Vox’s claws have left behind from holding his face in place in order to swap out gags. That was all before they tried to force him to swallow some sort of pill that felt like ecstasy. It had worked…

Unable to take it anymore, he sinks to his knees, knowing he’s made a loud bang as he throws up once more, scarlet, fresh blood running down the drain as he sobs, wrapping his arms around himself as everything seems to hurt. Someone picks him up, and gently manoeuvres him into a kneeling position under the shower head, carefully washing the soap from his hair, and wiping down his face with some sort of washcloth.

”It’s okay, Legs…that’s it, there you go…I’m here, don’t worry about it…I’m sorry I left you alone, I’m here, shh…”

Husk gently combs through his chest fluff, his expression one of a stoic dam, trying not to show his true emotion and burden the traumatised spider, adding some sort of sweet-smelling soap and washing him with a cautious, soft hand. Angel lets himself be taken care of, any time he tries to apologise being shut down by Husk as he focuses on getting every last bit of dirt and fluid off Angel without any complaints at all.

”There ya go, all clean, yeah? Didja start thinkin’ about…them?”

Angel nods, and despite his damp fur, leans into his good shoulder, nuzzling against him and letting Angel stroke his ears. The spider shakily smiles as Husk offers a silky dressing gown, smelling of pine, and whiskey as he wraps it around himself, and he knows it’s Husk’s own.

“Don’t even think of apologising again. Whenever you feel like you want to, just remember that you’re safe, and you don’t need to, okay? I know it’s hard, I…used to be owned too. So, please don’t blame yourself for what those bastards think is fun.”

Angel nods, and Husk moves to his other side, pressing a paw against his dislocated shoulder and trying to figure out how to set it back into place. Tentatively, he lets Husk do so, a question plaguing his mind.

”Did Alastor own you?”

Husk nods, closing his eyes as if Alastor is standing behind him, waiting to puppet him.

”Yeah, he did. Sick motherf*cker, too. But, I can tell he’s not like that anymore. He didn’t use to apologise when he did sh*t, but he’s done so now, and he gave me back my contract, so we’re cool. Don’t hold it against him. He lost his mother to the Extermination, and I was the closest thing to let it out on.”

Angel nods, and Husk carries on.

”He’s a f*cking softie under it though. You’ll see Niffty in a bit, probably cleaning out your room at some point. She’s just a kid, and Alastor basically adopted her. He has his moments, too. Always-“

A sharp ‘pop’ registers in his mind, and Angel screams, pressing a hand to his shoulder as Husk wraps his own arms around him, holding him close as he sobs into his chest, the scent of pine and whiskey stronger as he tries to calm down, the pain on top of everything else finally breaking him once more.

”-Made sure Niffty had enough cleaning sh*t so she didn’t break down, and that I had enough alcohol around to deal with his sh*t. I’m sorry, Angel, I know it hurts…shh, it’s okay…hey, smells like Lucifer made pancakes, want me to get yours?”

Angel shakes his head, and Husk helps him get up, making sure the robe covers his thighs, before taking one of his lower hands, a small blush creeping onto Angel’s cheeks as Husk leads the way.


Just going to let you know, I have done some MAJOR work on this story. I have made many plot holes, and I apologise for any confusion caused. Acephobia isn’t the word for fear of touch, Haphephobia is, and I have now corrected any mentions (hopefully). If you see any other holes, or mistakes, please let me know, as I am always trying to improve myself. Thank you for all the support that has been given, it means so much, and thank you to the user who pointed out the mistakes, as looking back, there was a LOT!

Drink Till You Choke - SansandPapyrus7424 (2024)
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