Yes Columbus There is a Bus to Polaris, and Delaware Too. (2024)

When it comes to riding the public bus to the Polaris Fashion Center there tends to be two urban myths.

One Urban myth is that there is no bus that goes to Polaris which can be disputed by the fact that bus sends two buses to the area.

Both The 29 Polaris express bus and the 1 Cleveland Avenue Bus do get COTA riders to the area; however the stops for both bus lines are a long distance from the mall itself.

That leads to the second urban myth that many bus riders in Columbus believed that the only regular bus to Polaris is the number 1 Cleveland Avenue bus.

Even though the bus dose get to the Ohio health Center at Africa road and Polaris park way, The walk to Polaris can add a half hour to an hour to the commute, since the mall is two miles away.

Another way to get to Polaris Fashion Place by bus that won’t involve a long walk and also offers a bit more accessibility to Delaware County is the DATA Bus.

Yes Columbus There is a Bus to Polaris, and Delaware Too. (1)
A typical DAT bus that is used on the Fixed Routes

DATA is Short For Delaware Area Transit Agency which and , According to Ginny Berry DATA’s Marketing and Community Relations Specialist ,” DATA is a rule transit agency that provides transportation for the residents of Delaware with both fixed routes and via its on demand service.”

DATA’s main service is to provide affordable on demand rides for anybody in Delaware County since 1998.

However for about 10 years ago DATA started operating the green route which provides commuters a connection between Delaware and Columbus, as well as access to malls and shopping centers between the two cities such as the Polaris Fashion Place.

Besides the green route Data Also currently operate a red and blue route which gives residents access to Delaware based business, as well as DATA’s main Business which is its on demand service.

The busses are small airport-style shuttle busses; however they offer ample interior room, wheel chair access, and bike racks.

Yes Columbus There is a Bus to Polaris, and Delaware Too. (2)
A typical seat on the DATA bus

To catch the DATA Green Line to Delaware, the first step is to catch the 2 North High Street Bus from downtown Columbus to the Crosswoods Park and Ride which also serves as a stop for the DATA Bus.

Using a COTA transfer you can get on board and enjoy the door to door service to Polaris Fashion Place, as well as other shopping centers in Delaware County.

After Visiting Polaris then you discovers that DATA has developed away for commuters to avoid the traffic on US 23, by using access roads that connects area business such as Wal-Mart, Building Trades Institute, and Kroger with Downtown Delaware.

The green line ends and Begins in downtown Delaware at the Delaware County public library main branch.

At that Stop you can connect with the red and blue line which can take you to the different parts of Delaware.

Larry 40(drivers don’t give last names at Data however they do give operator numbers) one of the drivers for DATA states,” He gets New riders every day.”

Larry also States that DATA is popular with students at Ohio Wesleyan University who use the bus not only to get to the mall but to also connect with COTA buses to get them to the Airport.

Two Ohio Wesleyan Students who wouldn’t give their names would disembark the Data Bus to transfer to a COTA bus to go to Port Columbus International Airport to fly back to Chicago for the Holiday Break.

A first time rider who would give only give first name of Sheinqua would state that when she called COTA to get a ride to a job interview in the Polaris area she was referred to the DATA Bus.

Sheniqua who was riding the DATA bus for the first time stated she never heard of the DATA bus until she called COTA.

A regular rider named Terry Powell who lives in the city of Delaware would state that DATA bus would take transfers and bus passes from COTA.

As the commuters boarded the bus, Larry 40 the driver would accept the transfers from COTA and offer additional transfers for the other routes in Delaware.

Yes Columbus There is a Bus to Polaris, and Delaware Too. (3)
DATA stop at the Polaris Fashion Center Food Court.

As the first bus stop was the Polaris Fashion Place which as seen in the above photo is up to the food Court Entrance.

After a brief ride on Polaris Parkway the bus would turn in to a side street that would lead to the Lewis center Wal-Mart bus stop.

The bus would stop at a few housing complexes and would then stop at the Kroger Market Place in Orange Township.

Finally the Bus would take the commuters in to the City of Delaware with stops at Delaware community Plaza and Ohio Wesleyan University Campus (aka OWU).

The final Stop on the green line and the main transfer point for the DATA Bus is the Delaware Main Public library at the corner of winter and Henry Street.

Yes Columbus There is a Bus to Polaris, and Delaware Too. (4)
The DATA bus Transfer Point at the Delaware Public Library.

On the return trip that would occur about two hours later the commuters would not only include two students who attend OWU but also the bust would pick up a trade school student who lives in Columbus.

The only problem that can be observed with this service is the limited Hours of the service compared to COTA.

DATA operates from 6am to 7pm Monday through Friday and dose not Operate on holidays or weekends.

When asked, Denny Schooley operation manager of DATA stated that DATA is currently looking in to the expansion of evening and weekend hours

Schooley continued “However DATA still has to observe it’s on demand priority and it limited resources.”

Another Issue is that the fixed routes mainly cover Polaris, Lewis center and Delaware.

Berry Also stated that DATA once tried to establish a route to Sunbury that proved unsuccessful.

Berry would state that DATA dose cover other parts of Delaware County Such As Powell and Sunbury via it’s on demand service.

Berry would also show data showing how ridership on the DATA bus has been rising this current year.

Berry stated that in the future DATA is looking to expand to evening service and weekends and a new bus stop at The Columbus State Community College Delaware campus, as well as other local business.


I like to give Special thanks to: Polaris Fashion Place for caring fliers for DATA bus and COTA (central Ohio Transit Authority ) for some insight on DATA bus. Ginny Berry and Denny Schooley at DATA for giving me total insight and showing me around DATA's Operations. I like to Also thank Larry operator 40 for a safe drive and introduction to the DATA bus. Finally I like to that the Delaware Area Transit Agency for providing this service for the citizens of not only Delaware County, But also Visitors to the County such as me.

More Information On the DATA bus can be obtained on their website:

Yes Columbus There is a Bus to Polaris, and Delaware Too. (2024)


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