The 8 Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Cleveland - Everything Midwest (2024)

The 8 Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Cleveland - Everything Midwest (1)

Every now and then, your body REQUIRES Chinese food. Yes, REQUIRES it. The good news for Clevelanders is that Cleveland is actually home to an extremely popular and prosperous Asia Town. Located between East 30th and East 40th streets in downtown Cleveland, this neighborhood is home to dozens of restaurants, markets, art galleries, dance studios, and more!

While I know many of us would love to travel to China (or anywhere in Asia for that matter) this summer, we can *pretend* to travel to China by trying out the best Chinese Restaurants in the greater Cleveland Area and exploring the Asia Town neighborhood.

Below is a list of my favorite Chinese-inspired restaurants in Cleveland. Keep an eye out for the most authentic, most unique, and best atmosphere!


  • Map of the Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Cleveland
  • The Most Popular: LJ Shanghai
  • Best takout: Szechwan Garden
  • Most affordable (but still delicious!): Li Wah
  • Best Chinese restaurant on the west side: China House
  • Best Chinese restaurant on the east side: Imperial Wok
  • Best value: Ho Wah
  • Best small chain: DAGU Rice Noodle
    • Honorable Mention: P.F. Changs

Map of the Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Cleveland

The Most Popular: LJ Shanghai

Known for their dumplings and other exquisite noodle dishes, LJ Shanghai is located in Cleveland’s Asia Town. Hands down, this is the most popular Chinese restaurant in Cleveland by far! They have outstanding reviews for a reason, an extensive menu, and even daily specials.

  • Address: 3142 Superior Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44114
  • Website: LJ Shanghai

Most authentic Chinese food: Han Chinese Kabob & Grill

Han Chinese Kabob & Grill is a casual restaurant located in Asia Town. Their focus is on Northern Chinese food, but they have dishes from all regions of China. Their most popular dish is the Chinese Kabob (hence the name), otherwise known as “Chuanr” in Mandarin.

This is a perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat for lunch while you are enjoying Asia Town!

Best takout: Szechwan Garden

Szechwan Garden is located in the buzzing suburb of Lakewood. They have an extensive menu, including a large selection of “Zen” cuisine. My favorites on the menu include the Zen ginger chicken, shrimp fried rice, and chicken lo mein.

Heads up: because of the pandemic, Szechwan Garden is only open for takeout or delivery, and they are closed on Tuesdays!

Most affordable (but still delicious!): Li Wah

Conveniently located in Asia Town on Payne Avenue, Li Wah is both delicious and affordable. My favorite item on the list is their Dim Sum, or the “brunch of the far east.” It’s a mix of lunch and breakfast foods that are meant to be shared and come with tea (the restaurant has six different blends).

I highly suggest trying Li Wah on your next brunch date with friends or family. It is affordable, and it offers a unique experience of Chinese cuisine in the heart of cleveland.

Best Chinese restaurant on the west side: China House

China House is the quintessential Chinese restaurant. If you are looking for egg rolls, fried rice, kung pao chicken (or any other classic dish for that matter), this is your place. Their prices are great, delivery is quick, and the menu is extensive. I recommend trying the chicken chow mein and sauteed Chinese vegetables.

China House is located in Fairview park and is definitely my go-to on the west side!

  • Address: 21789 Lorain Rd, Fairview Park, Ohio 44126
  • Website: China House

Best Chinese restaurant on the east side: Imperial Wok

Imperial Wok is my favorite restaurant on the east side. Located in Solon, it is only about 25 minutes from downtown Cleveland and offers a unique dining experience, with a focus on serving fresh ingredients.

Imperial Wok has been open for over 30 years, and they recently began serving lunch in-house again. If you are on the east side, this is the perfect place to take a break on a busy work day. If you aren’t close enough for a lunch break, I recommend making a date night out of it!

  • Address: 33825 Aurora Road, Solon, Ohio 44139
  • Website: Imperial Wok

Best value: Ho Wah

Winner: Most affordable

Ho Wah is located in Beachwood on Cedar Road. They are open every day of the week until 9 p.m. (opening times vary, sometime between 11 am- noon depending on the day). They serve lunch until 3 p.m., and reservations are recommended, especially for dinner service.

My favorite meal is “Cupid’s Arrow,” unique to Ho Wah, which features shrimp, chicken, and green beans stir fried in their own sauce.

Best small chain: DAGU Rice Noodle

DAGU Rice Noodle restaurant is a small chain, with locations in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Quincy (Maryland). They are open for dine-in or takeout and their speciality is boba milk tea! As an avid tea drinker, I highly recommend trying out their take on this tasty treat.

Honorable Mention: P.F. Changs

Yes, it’s a massive chain restaurant, but P.F. Changs will always have a special place in my heart. When my husband lived in El Paso, we always went to the P.F. Changs down there with a killer outdoor patio and awesome draft beer selection.

The P.F. Changs in Cleveland is a bit smaller, but still has a great selection of co*cktails, appetizers, and family-style meals. This is the perfect place to bring a large group of people, and is very kid-friendly.

Cleveland’s P.F. Changs is located in Beachwood on Chagrin Boulevard, not too far from the Pinecrest and Eton Shopping centers.

If you are interested in learning more about Cleveland’s AsiaTown, I encourage you to take a look at their website, which highlights their business district, news in the neighborhood, and community events.

The 8 Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Cleveland -  Everything Midwest (2024)
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