Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (2024)

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (1)

We are a quarter of the way into the NFL season, and we are starting to see who the championship contenders are, who are possibly playoff-bound, and who are in desperate need to hit the reset button for the 2024 season. The grading system below is from A on the high to F on the low

Here are the grades for all 32 NFL teams after week 4: In order by name

Arizona Cardinals: D

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (2)

NFL fans and commentators knew it was going to be a losing campaign for the Cardinals. However, the Cardinals have earned a bit higher than the lowest grade due to their upset 28-16 victory over the Dallas Cowboys in their week three matchup. After that, the Cardinals crashed against division rival the San Francisco 49ers in their week four 35-16 loss. Kyler Murray has no timetable for his return to the field while career journeyman backup Joshua Dobbs is playing fairly well with a 70 percent completion percentage in the first four weeks of the NFL season. Struggles on the defensive side of the ball keep holding this team back from achieving more.

Atlanta Falcons: C

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (3)

Similar to the Washington Commanders, the Falcons also started the season with a 2-0 start with statement wins against the Carolina Panthers and Green Bay Packers respectively. Then they dropped their next two games against the Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars. The problem the Falcons have is with the play from quarterback Desmond Ridder. In the two games the Falcons lost, Ridder completed 40 passes for 392 yards, scored one touchdown, and threw two interceptions. If Ridder continues to struggle, it may be time for Atlanta to start thinking about other options at quarterback.


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Baltimore Ravens: B+

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (7)

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The Ravens made drastic changes to the offense this offseason and it’s paying off. The passing game is there with rookie Zay Flowers and Mark Andrews flourishing in a new look offense by Todd Monken. The Ravens defense is still as strong as ever led by Patrick Queen and Roquan Smith. If Lamar Jackson stays healthy, this Ravens team has the potential to go far in the playoffs.

Buffalo Bills: B+

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (8)

The Bills continue to get better for the 2023 season with the play of Josh Allen continuously improving after the Bills week one overtime loss to the New York Jets. Allen has thrown eight touchdowns against one interception following the week one loss. The Bills defense is as dominant as ever, especially against their week four 48-20 statement win against the Miami Dolphins.

Carolina Panthers: F+

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (9)

The only other team with no wins as of Oct. 4, the Panthers are in rebuilding mode with rookie quarterback Bryce Young. They do have veteran talent around Young from the likes of Adam Thielen, Hayden Hurst, and Miles Sanders helping him out. However, the Panthers aren’t making the right plays at the critical moments of games. The Panthers could’ve won their week two matchup against the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football but came up short. They also should have won their week four matchup against the Minnesota Vikings, but also came up short.

The Panthers will struggle to pick up four or five wins this season if they continue to come up short in critical moments against opposing teams. The Panthers don’t have a straightforward two games coming up before their bye week against the Detroit Lions on week five and the Miami Dolphins on week six respectively (both of these games are also on the road). The Panther’s grade could potentially improve after they come off their week seven bye week.

Chicago Bears: F

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (10)

After four weeks into the regular season, many people thought the Chicago Bears would be in contention for the NFC North crown after years’ worth of Aaron Rodgers’ dominance with the Green Bay Packers. That never came to fruition as the Bears were dropped by Jordan Love and the Packers 38-20 at home on week one. The Bears dropped their following three games as well as choking away a 28-7 lead over the Denver Broncos. On top of that, the Bears’ defensive coordinator Alan Williams resigned over inappropriate activities. If there was a grade lower than an F available, the Bears would have earned that grade. However, on the bright side, they can draft Caleb Williams and Marvin Harrison Jr. if they secure the first two picks of the 2024 draft- by tanking the rest of the season. It is only week four, and the Bears will face easier opponents, but miraculous turnaround is not expected.

Cincinnati Bengals: F

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (11)

It has been a very bizarre season for the defending AFC North Champion Cincinnati Bengals. They re-sign Joe Burrow to one of the largest contracts given to a quarterback, only to get dropped by instate rival, the Cleveland Browns in a week one 24-3 loss. Unlike the Chicago Bears, the Bengals did get a win over the Los Angeles Rams in a week three 19-16 victory on Monday Night Football. On top of that, Burrow hasn’t been playing well this season. He has a 57.6 percent passer rating as of Oct. 4. Burrow also completed 87 passes for 728 yards, and threw two touchdowns and two interceptions as of Oct. 4. The Bengals can turn things around if they want to make it back to the playoffs. However, they have a tough five games ahead of them after their week five matchup with the Arizona Cardinals.

Cleveland Browns: D+

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (12)

The Browns had an auspicious start to their season by securing a 24-3 victory at home against in-state rival the Cincinnati Bengals and a week three statement victory over the Tennessee Titans. Still, the Browns lost two key matchups to division rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens respectively. The Browns have the potential to make a surprise playoff run, but it won’t be easy with their next three games on the schedule. (A week five matchup against the San Francisco 49ers, a week six matchup against the Indianapolis Colts, and a week seven matchup against the Seattle Seahawks.) (The Colts and Seahawks games are both on the road.)

Dallas Cowboys: B

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (13)

The Cowboys have stepped up on defense to start the first four weeks of the 2023 season. Even though Trevon Diggs suffered an ACL injury, DaRon Bland has stepped up and is keeping the defense afloat in the ever so competitive NFC East. The Cowboys offense improved with the addition of speedy veteran Brandin Cooks who has hauled in eight receptions for 66 yards. It’s only upwards from here for the Dallas Cowboys.

Denver Broncos: D-

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (14)

The Denver Broncos could’ve been graded a little lower than where they are now from their 70-20 beatdown loss to the hands or fins of the Miami Dolphins. However, what gave the Broncos a bit of a lift was coming back and winning 31-28 from being behind 21-7 against the Chicago Bears in their Oct. 1 meeting. The Broncos’ defense struggled throughout the first three games of the season until they turned things around against Justin Fields making him irrelevant in the fourth quarter of their week four meeting.

The Broncos have struggled in the second half of most games this season- and their upcoming schedule doesn’t get easier as they have to face off against the New York Jets at home in week five, the Kansas City Chiefs on the road in week six, the Green Bay Packers at home in week seven, the Chiefs at home in week eight, and the Buffalo Bills on the road in week nine. The Broncos may get a win against the Jets, but there is no straight path to victory in the four games after that which are very likely going to be painful losses.

Detroit Lions: B

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (15)

The long-time losers of the NFC North may no longer be losers. The Lions have had a culture shift ever since head coach Dan Campbell took over after the team fired Matt Patricia. The Lions drastically improved on the run defense which allowed 1,122 yards and 83 points which is fourth best in total yards and 12th best in points. This Lions defense is for real and can wreak havoc on the league if they win the NFC North and potentially win a playoff game for the first time since 1991.

Green Bay Packers: B-

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (16)

A lot of fans and commentators wrote off the Packers, but Jordan Love is the real deal for Green Bay. Love completed 74 passes for 901 yards, thrown eight touchdowns against three interceptions in the first four games of the season. The Packers do need to shape up the run game and have less negative plays in order to compete in the NFC North, but they are in great hands with Jordan Love leading the way.

Houston Texans: C+

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (17)

The Houston Texans started the season 0-2 with tough losses to the Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts. Since then, the Colts have turned things around with wins against the Jacksonville Jaguars and Pittsburgh Steelers. Rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud is bringing a winning attitude to Houston, something the team hasn’t had since their last playoff appearance in 2019 before collapsing in the divisional round to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Texans have continue to improve under head coach DeMeco Ryans and if they stay playing the way they are, the Texans can for sure be a playoff team by the end of the season.

Indianapolis Colts: C+

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (18)

Despite a slow start to the 2023 season, the Colts may have found their main starting quarterback in rookie Anthony Richardson after years of going through veteran quarterbacks like Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz, and Philip Rivers respectively. Rams quarterback Matt Stafford praised Richardson’s performance despite the Colts losing in overtime to the Rams. It’s only up from here for the Colts who can be a surprise playoff team for the 2023 season.

Jacksonville Jaguars: C

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (19)

The Jaguars so far have a 2-2 record with both of their wins on the road and not in their home stadium, EverBank Stadium. The Jags secured a 31-21 win against the Colts in week one and a 23-7 week four win across the pond in London against the Atlanta Falcons. However, the Jags couldn’t score a touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs in their week two matchup as well as dealing with pass rush and offensive line issues. Jacksonville’s next two games won’t be easy with a week five matchup back in London against the Buffalo Bills and a week six rematch with the Indianapolis Colts.

Kansas City Chiefs: A-

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (20)

Despite dropping their week one home opener against the Detroit Lions, the Chiefs rebounded and continue to show their dominance in the NFL. Although Patrick Mahomes struggled in the Chiefs week four 23-20 win against the New York Jets with one touchdown against two interceptions, Mahomes will brush that off and continue to give opposing defenses nightmares. Second year running back Isiah Pacheco cannot be ignored either. The Chiefs defense is also a top five defensive unit that gives opposing offenses their share of bad dreams to deal with.

Las Vegas Raiders: D

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (21)

It has not been sunshine and rainbows for the Silver and Black after their week one 17-16 victory over the Denver Broncos where they lost the three next match-ups in succession. Raiders tend to start well in the first half, only to shrivel up in the second half and give the game up to their opponents. Case in point, their week two 38-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills. The Raiders played well until completely shutting down and being nonexistent in the second half in western New York. It also doesn’t help that the Raider’s star wide receiver and running back Davante Adams and Josh Jacobs respectively have expressed their frustrations on the team losing publicly. If the Raiders want to tank and get more draft capital, the team should trade Jacobs and Adams to possible Super Bowl-contending teams. Two of the Raiders’ next five matchups are not going to be easy (The Green Bay Packers week five and the Detroit Lions week eight matchups respectively).

Los Angeles Chargers: C

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (22)

The Chargers so far have had great production from Justin Herbert. However, close games defined their season so far along with injuries to key names on the roster like Mike Williams who has to miss the rest of the season with an ACL injury in a week three 28-24 victory over the Minnesota Vikings. The Chargers look like they can potentially finish the season with a 9-8 record or a 10-7 record if they continue to have razor-thin games coming down to the wire. If the Chargers continue to have struggles, Brandon Staley can possibly say goodbye to his role as the team’s head coach. The Chargers enter week five with a bye week but have two tough opponents in their next four games (the Dallas Cowboys in week six and the Kansas City Chiefs in week seven respectively).

Los Angeles Rams: C+

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (23)

The Rams started the 2023 season with a 30-13 statement win against the Seahawks, before dropping their two games to the 49ers and Bengals. The Rams did make up for it with an incredible overtime win against the Indianapolis Colts off a Puka Nacua walk-off touchdown. The Rams have struggled in the red zone which was shown in their week three Monday Night Football loss to the Bengals. The Rams can turn things around, but it won’t be easy with their next game against the Philadelphia Eagles coming to town for a week five showdown.

Miami Dolphins: B

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (24)

Tua Tagavailoa has drastically improved for the 2023 season with a statement 70-20 win over the Denver Broncos and has an improved offensive line protecting him to avoid injuries he dealt with from last season. The Dolphins still have to make some improvements on defense, but the team’s offense is on fire with Tagavailoa and Tyreek Hill leading the way. Could this be the year the Dolphins make it passed the Wildcard round? Only time will tell.

Minnesota Vikings: D+

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (25)

The Vikings started the season 0-3 before securing their first win of the year against a young yet struggling Carolina Panthers which is part of the reason why they’re graded higher than an F. However, the Vikings have issues with self-inflicted mistakes and turnovers at really bad times resulting in close and painful losses to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week one, the Philadelphia Eagles in week two, and the Los Angeles Chargers in week three respectively. Three of their next five games into the season will not be easy for the Vikings as they have to square off against the Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, and Green Bay Packers in those five weeks.

New England Patriots – Grade: C+

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (26)

Ever since Tom Brady left the New England Patriots, things have never been the same in Foxborough, MA. The Patriots have failed to make the playoffs two out of the three seasons with no TB12 at the quarterback helm. Mac Jones is good on certain days, but the Patriots were dropped by the Dallas Cowboys 38-3 on Oct. 1 giving Bill Belichick his worst loss as a coach. As of Oct. 4, Jones completed 93 passes for 898 yards and threw five touchdowns against four interceptions. During the Patriots’ visit to Jerry’s World, Jones completed 12 passes for 150 yards and threw two interceptions before getting benched for Bailey Zappe. The Patriots can turn things around and salvage an average finish for the season with two possibly easy games against the New Orleans Saints and the Las Vegas Raiders (weeks five and six respectively) before having a tough test at home for a week seven matchup against the Buffalo Bills on Oct. 22.

New Orleans Saints: C-

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (27)

The Saint’s 2023 season started off with a great 2-0 record before the Saints ultimately dropped their last two games giving them a 2-2 record as of Oct. 4. One of those games was a week three 18-17 nailbiting loss to the Green Bay Packers, where the Saints led 17-0 for three quarters before choking the lead away to the Packers. The Saints have had offensive struggles so far this season with leaks within their offensive line, personnel issues, and red zone offense. The Saint’s next five games consist of visiting the New England Patriots in week five, a three-game stretch against three AFC South teams (The Houston Texans in week six, the Jacksonville Jaguars in week seven, and the Indianapolis Colts in week eight respectively) and an easy week nine matchup against the Chicago Bears.

New York Giants: F

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (28)

The Giants have had a rough start to the 2023 season. In all three of their primetime appearances, they’re 0-3 this season. They were dropped 40-0 against the Dallas Cowboys in their home opener, they were beaten by the San Francisco 49ers 30-12 on the road, and they were recently humiliated by the Seattle Seahawks 24-3 at home on Oct. 2 on Monday Night Football. Daniel Jones did have a 79.4 percent passer rating in the Seahawks vs. Giants game but threw two interceptions including a pick-six to rookie Devon Witherspoon in the third quarter of Oct. 2’s Monday Night loss.

On top of that, the Giant’s offensive line has been one of the NFL’s worst offensive lines in the league. The line allowed Daniel Jones to be sacked 11 times in one game. If the G-Men continue to play this way, they will for sure miss the playoffs and be back to square one. The Giant’s next two games are against two AFC East playoff-caliber teams on the road (The Miami Dolphins in week five and the Buffalo Bills in week six respectively). It may be time to start thinking about hitting the reset button in the Meadowlands.

New York Jets: D+

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (29)

The New York Jets entered the 2023 season with a ton of promise with Aaron Rodgers getting traded to the team, a ton of elite veteran playmakers on offense, and the potential to be a Super Bowl contender. All of that blew into the wind after Rodgers suffered a torn Achilles injury four plays into his first start as a Jet. The Jets have struggled with Zach Wilson at the helm. However, Wilson did have a good game against the Kansas City Chiefs completing 28 passes for 245 yards and throwing two touchdowns, but a fumble and a terrible penalty call against the defense let that game slip away from Gang Green in a 23-20 loss at home.

Philadelphia Eagles: A

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (30)

Usually, Super Bowl runner ups fall flat and become irrelevant. Not so with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have a dominant offense led by Jalen Hurts, AJ Brown and Devonta Smith in the passing game- as well as a good defense. Although, the secondary has been questionable, the Eagles have the talent and the potential to a repeat performance as NFC East champions.

Pittsburgh Steelers: C-

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (31)

The Steelers always have high expectations for their team to compete in the playoffs, but so far that doesn’t look like it’s going to be the case this season as Kenny Pickett suffered an injury on Oct. 4’s week four matchup against the Houston Texans giving backup Mitchell Trubisky the keys to the offense. The Steelers have a good and formidable defense backing them up, but the team has fallen flat against Super Bowl potential teams like the San Francisco 49ers in week one. The Steelers face division foe the Baltimore Ravens on Oct. 8, a week five matchup before regrouping themselves in a week six bye week.

San Francisco 49ers: A+

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (32)

The 49ers joined the 2007 New England Patriots as one of three teams to have 30 points in the first three weeks of the regular season. Second-year quarterback Brock Purdy has thrown five touchdowns and no interceptions with the first four weeks under his belt. Christian McCaffrey has so far scored six rushing touchdowns and one receiving touchdown as one of the game’s best dual threat running backs. The defense is good, but the 49er’s strength lies only on offense thanks to Kyle Shanahan leading this team to victory! This is the NFL’s perfect team coming into week five.

Seattle Seahawks: B

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (33)

The Seahawks may have lost their week one matchup to the Los Angeles Rams, but that doesn’t matter to one the most improved run D’s in the league with the return of Bobby Wagner. The Seahawks also improved in the defensive back position as shown in their Monday Night Football 24-3 beatdown victory over the New York Giants. Geno Smith is having a decent season so far with 84 completions for 846 yards, thrown five touchdowns and one interception. As Ray Lewis once said, “Defenses win championships!” Seattle’s defense can potentially take them far in the playoffs.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: B

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (34)

The Bucs have been a surprise 3-1 team led by former 2018 first overall pick Baker Mayfield. Mayfield has been a great fit so far in first year offensive coordinator Dave Canale’s offense despite the retirement of Tom Brady in the offseason. As of Oct. 4, the Bucs are entering a week five bye week a little banged up which head coach Todd Bowles hopes to improve for their week six matchup against the Detroit Lions. However, anything can happen in the 2023 season and the NFC South is still wide open for anyone to take. If the Bucs continue to play the way they have, the division is as good as theirs!

Tennessee Titans: C-

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (35)

The Titans have great offensive players in Derrick Henry and newly acquired DeAndre Hopkins. However, Ryan Tannehill is not the quarterback he was during his 2019 Comeback Player of the Year season he had in Nashville. The Titans also have a weak defense which has led them to a pretty slow start to their 2023 season. Three of the Titans’ next five games are against playoff contenders such as the Indianapolis Colts in week five, the Baltimore Ravens in week six, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week nine respectively.

Washington Commanders: C

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (36)

The Commanders have had struggles on the defensive side of the ball this season despite a 2-2 start. Not to mention defensive star Chase Young hasn’t been happy in the nation’s capital via a contract situation. The Commanders’ first two wins of the season came against the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos (two teams with no playoff hopes) respectively. Then they couldn’t score a touchdown in their week three loss to the Buffalo Bills and lost a heartbreaking overtime game in their week four matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Commanders’ next three games are easier against the likes of the Chicago Bears in week five, the Atlanta Falcons in week six, and the New York Giants in week seven respectively.

Grading All 32 NFL Teams After Week 4 Games (2024)
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