Governor Whitmer Makes Appointments to Boards and Commissions (2024)


April 25, 2024


LANSING, Mich. —Today,GovernorGretchenWhitmerannounced the followingappointmentstotheMEDC Executive Committee.

“Tokeep growing our economyandensure we can competetolead the future of cars, chips,andclean energy, I am proudtomake severalappointmentstothe MEDC Executive Committeethat span industryandgeography,” saidGovernorWhitmer. “Since Itook office, we have secured more than 37,000 auto jobs, brought the supply chain ofelectric vehiclebatteriesandsemiconductorchipshome,andproduced more clean American energyusing American workers. With skilled MEDC leadership, we will keep our foot on the acceleratorandbuild a brighter future for Michigan.”

The appointees announced this week build onGovernorWhitmer’s worktoensure appointees reflect Michigan’s diverse population.Sixty percent ofWhitmer’sappointeessince day onehave beenwomen or people of color,andtheWhitmercabinet is the most diverse in Michigan history.

MEDC Executive Committee

April Clobes, of BathTownship, is presidentandCEO of Michigan State University Federal Credit Union. In addition, she is also the CEO of Roseda Group.She holds a Bachelor of Arts in marketingandMaster of Arts in advertisingandpublic relations from Michigan State Universityanda Master of Business Administration from Western Michigan University. April Clobes is reappointedtorepresentbusiness for a termcommencingApril 25, 2024,andexpiring April 5, 2028.

Krista Flynn, of Ada, is the Midwest regional executive for PNC Bank, where she previously served as West Michigan market leader. Priortojoining PNC, Flynn was the West Michigan president for Huntington Bank. Flynn is dedicatedtoserviceandcurrently sits on the Grand Rapids ConventionandArena Authority, the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors,andthe Grand Action 2.0 Executive Committee. Flynn earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Michigananda Master of Science in finance from Walsh College. Krista Flynnis reappointedtorepresentbusiness for a termcommencingApril 25, 2024,andexpiring April 5, 2028.

Fadwa Hammoud,of Dearborn, is an attorneyandthe Detroit managing member of the Miller Johnson law firm. Priortoprivate practice, Hammoud served as Chief Deputy Attorney Generaland, from 2019to2022, as Michigan’s Solicitor General. She is a past member of the Dearborn Board of Education, Henry Ford Community College Board of Trustees,andthe Commission on Middle Eastern American Affairs. Hammoud holds a Bachelor of Arts in political scienceandcommunications from the University of Michigan Dearbornanda Juris Doctor from Wayne State University.Fadwa Hammoud is appointedtorepresentbusiness for a termcommencingApril 25, 2024,andexpiring April 5, 2028. Hammoud succeedsPhillip Shaltz, whose term is expired.

BobbyJ.Hopewell, of Kalamazoo,is currently thepresidentandCEO of Mobile Health Resources (MHR), an entity that supports emergencymedicalservices nationwide, including patient billing services.MHR isalsothe largest provider of EMS patient experience surveyingin the county.Priortohis current position, Hopewellwas the longest serving mayor of Kalamazoo,where he focused on comprehensive community development, public safety services, accountability, equality,innovationandeffortstoprepare young people for the world. In additiontohis work as mayor, Hopewell served astheadministrativedirector of Borgess Health Park in Battle Creekand hospitalityservicesdirector at Borgess Medical Center in Kalamazoo. Before joining Borgess, Hopewellserved asthecommunityrelationsmanager for Bronson Healthcare—andbeforeBronson,as operations manager at Life EMS Ambulance.Hopewell has served aschairofthe Michigan Urban Core Mayors Associationandas a board member for the Michigan Municipal LeagueandPretty Lake Camp. BobbyHopewellis reappointedtorepresentbusiness for a termcommencingApril 25, 2024,andexpiring April 5, 2028.

Thomas Lutz, of White Lake, is the executive secretary treasurer of the Michigan Regional Council of CarpentersandMillwrights (MRCC), one of the largest skilled trades unions in Michigan,representingmore than 14,000 carpenters, millwrights,andfloor layers throughout the state. Since joining the MRCC 34 years ago, Lutz has worked as a business agent, apprenticeship instructor, marketing directorandrecently served as president of the organization. He has also served on a variety ofboardsandcommissions, including the Michigan Manufactured Housing Commission, the Michigan Works Workforce Development Board,andthe Oakland County Construction Labor Advisory Board. Lutz earned an associate degree from Schoolcraft Collegeandhas obtainednumerousprofessional certifications. Thomas Lutzis reappointedtorepresentbusiness for a termcommencingApril 25, 2024,andexpiring April 5, 2028.

Sheldon Neeley, of Flint, is the current mayor of Flintanda lifelong resident. Mayor Neeleyspent much of his professional career working as a broadcast engineer for WJRT-12 in Flintand, until 2020,was the local union president for the National Association of Broadcast EmployeesandTechnicians-CommunicationsWorkers of America.He was electedtothe Flint City Council for the first time in 2005,andlaterserved in the Michigan House of Representatives,before being elected mayor in 2019.While in the House, Neeleyserved aschair of theMichigan Legislative Black Caucus. Neeley earned an associatedegree from Delta Community Collegeandattended Saginaw Valley State University.Sheldon Neeleyis reappointedtorepresentpublic entities for a termcommencingApril 25, 2024,andexpiring April 5, 2028.

AnthonyTomczak, of Commerce, is the vice president of electric salesandmarketing for DTE Energy. Previously,Tomczak served as vice president of corporate servicesandchief procurement officer where hewas responsible forstrategic management of the company’s procurement, supplier performance management, warehousing, fleet,facilitiesandreal estate organizations. He is a member ofnumerousboardsandcommissionsacross the stateandnation cocused in economic growth, energy,andconservation.Tomczak earned a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering from Purdue University,anda Master of Science in industrial operations from Lawrence Technological University. AnthonyTomczakis reappointedtorepresentbusiness for a termcommencingApril 25, 2024,andexpiring April 5, 2028.

Bob Sutherland, of Maple City,is the PresidentandOwner of Cherry Republic, a retail line of more than 200 cherry-based products growing out of a love for Northern Michigan. Sutherland is also the former board president of the Michigan Land Use Institute, a founding member of the Great Lakes Business Network,anda former Leelanau County Commissioner. Sutherland is also a board member of the Michigan League of Conversation Voters. Sutherland earned a Bachelor of Arts in education, speech,andEnglish from Northern Michigan University. Bob Sutherland is appointedtorepresentbusiness for a termcommencingApril 25, 2024,andexpiring April 5, 2028. Bob Sutherland succeedsFayBeydoun, whose term is expired.

Carla Walker-Miller,ofDetroit,is the FounderandChief Executive Officer of Walker-Miller Energy Services, thestate’sfirstcompany owned by a Black womantoobtain a B Corporation Certification. Walker-Milleris a champion forequityandthe promotionof acleanenergy ecosystem. In additiontorunning her company, sheserves onnumerousboardsandcommittees, including the Mayor of Detroit’s Workforce Developmentcommittee,andthe Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council.She is also the Executive Committee Chair for the Detroit Means Business Coalitionanda trustee for the Hudson-Webber Foundation. Walker-Miller received her bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Tennessee State University.Walker-Miller is appointedtorepresentbusiness for a termcommencingApril 25, 2024,andexpiring April 5, 2028. Carla Walker-Miller succeedsRyan Waddington,whose term is expired.

The MEDC Executive Committee provides policy directionandguidancetothe Michigan Economic Development Corporationregardingeconomic development programandinitiatives, approves the MEDC corporate budget,andappoints the chief executive officer who administers all programs, funds, personnel,andall other administrative transactions of the MEDC. The MEDC Executive Committee supports the MEDC through governance, supporttoenable results-based action,andadvocacy for the organizationandeconomic development in Michigan.

Theseappointmentsare not subjecttothe adviceandconsent of the Senate.


Governor Whitmer Makes Appointments to Boards and Commissions (2024)
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